Logitech G432 Gaming Headset Review: Budget Price, Limited Value

Logitech G432 Gaming Headset
Credit: pixabay.com

If you are a competitive gamer, you know that a great gaming headset can be the difference between winning and losing:

And the next contender for your hard-earned money is the Logitech G432 Gaming Headset.

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This headset features surround sound audio, a noise-canceling mic, and comfortable ear cups that won’t leave you with sore ears after hours of gaming:

But is this wired gaming headset worth $35? Let’s find out!

Logitech G432 Gaming Headset Review
(Credit: Amazon)

Features Include:

  • 50mm audio drivers for detailed sound
  • DTS:X 2.0 supported headphones for positional 3d soundscapes
  • Flip to mute feature perfect for team-based gaming
  • Supports PC, mobile, and console gaming.
  • Comfortable leatherette earcups.

Gaming Performance

When you are a competitive gamer, you need to hear every gunshot, every footstep, and every ricochet, as if you were in the middle of the action. The Logitech G432 Gaming Headset delivers on those needs.

With rich, programmable sound for games like Destiny 2, World of Warcraft, and GTA V, this headset will help you take your gaming experience to new heights. 

And with an ear cup design that’s both breathable and comfortable, the headset won’t make a sweaty mess out of your head.

However, if you are coming from a high-end gaming headset, the Logitech G432 won’t impress. For example, the volume and bass could be more impressive.

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Music Performance

For $50, the Logitech G432 gaming headset is easily beaten by other headphones on the market:

And despite handling high and low frequencies well, music just doesn’t pop with this headset.

For instance, vocal-heavy tracks, while still sounding clear and crisp, just don’t sound as good as headphones that are equally as expensive.

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Aesthetically, the G432 look quite similar to Logitech’s predecessors. They are all black, with a tasteful tint of color designed to stand out within the Logitech G gaming line. 

Moreover, one of the biggest differences is that they’ve taken away the ring of blue and given it only an accent on each speaker cup. 

Logitech has also reintroduced the silver accents in a vertical strip around each earpiece. The perforated headband even features this metallic shine throughout its edges to give it that tech vibe.

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The large earcups and firm headband keep the headset snuggly in place. Whereas some headsets can feel like a head clamp, the Logitech G432 does not. And even after hours of gaming, the areas around your ears won’t be wet with sweat.


The built-in control scheme of the Logitech G432 headset is laid out very simply and isn’t at all complicated. You only have a single wheel on each earcup for controlling your audio levels and muting your microphone when folding it up. 

On the upside, you never have to worry about searching for volume controls because they’re always in front of you. Plus, if your headset gets bumped or knocked by accident, there’s no risk of altering anything as the controls are smartly placed.

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Is It Worth Checking Out?

When on sale, at a price of $30-35, the Logitech G432 headset is a winner if you plan to use it on a PC.


  • 50mm audio drivers for top-end gaming audio
  • Impressive surround sound that creates a true feeling of immersion
  • Works with PC, mobile, and consoles
  • Comfortable, even after hours of gaming.


  • Don’t buy this headset for music, there are better, cheaper options available.
  • The materials feel easily breakable.
  • The Logitech Hub helps improve bass and balance but is only available on PC.

And this is why the Logitech G432 headset is better when connected to a computer via USB. The Logitech Hub lets you create sound profiles, adjust equalization settings, create a better balance of sound, and improve noise reduction.

On PC, when at $30-35, this gaming headset is Nerdable Recommended. For any other device, or at any other price, there are better options available.