12 Most Expensive Gin in the World

most expensive gin
Credit: Devin Berko

Gin is one of several spirits that you can add to mixed drinks or have straight. Mixed with a wide range of herbs, spices, floral or fruit flavors, there is a range of gin you can try. The alcohol is often mixed with tonic water, or turned into sloe gin with the additions of fruit, flavorings, and sugar. If you enjoy drinking gin, you might want to add some of these twelve most expensive gins to your bucket list.

12. Sakurao Japanese Dry Gin, $119


11. Buton Dry Gin, $213

The Whisky Exchange

10. Gin Sul Fogo do Sul Spicy Goa Dry Gin, $228


9. Gin Sul Limão do Sul Dry Gin, $231


8. Cambridge Distillery Anty Gin, $250

Amathus Drinks

7. Sarti Dry Gin, $253

Whisky Auctioneer

6. Thames Distillers Fifty Pounds Aged Gin, $259

Master of Malt

5. Ki Noh Bi Kyoto Cask Aged Gin, $346

Whisky Auctioneer

4. Adler KPM Edition Berlin Dry Gin, $387

Casa del Tequila

3. Nolet’s Reserve Gin, $700

Holiday Wine Cellar

2. Cambridge Distillery Watenshi The Japanese Angel Gin, $2,804

Cambridge Distillery

1. Morus LXIV Gin, $4,634

Club Oenologique

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