What Is the Most Expensive Gemstone?

Most Expensive Gemstones, Unsplash

When it comes to gemstones, you might imagine the most common ones. From diamonds to opals, there are gemstone staples that appear in jewelry and are deemed as luxurious. But there are so many more that are worth thousands to millions. These most expensive gemstones feature a large range of colors and historical meanings that enhance their value. Explore some of the lesser-known to widely sought-after gemstones on the market for outrageous prices.

10. Black Opal, $20,000

Black Opal Direct

9. Red Beryl $20,000

Gem A

8. Grandidierite $20,000

The Gem Library

7. Musgravite, $35,000

Google Commons; Wikipedia

6. Painite, $60,000

Blue Earth Gems

5. Alexandrite, $70,000

Blue Earth Gems

4. Blue Diamond $350,000

Leibish & Co

3. Pink Diamond, $700,000

Leibish & Co

2. Red Diamond, $1 Million

Leibish & Co

1. Ruby, $1.4 Million

Estate Diamond Jewelry

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