6 Deep Ocean Creatures You’ve Never Seen Before

Deep Ocean Creatures
Credit: Wiki Commons

The ocean is only 5% discovered, which is such a minimal amount. Since a lot of what we know, and have experienced, is on the surface level, there is much to learn from near the ocean floor. Like what sort of deep ocean creatures are lurking beneath the water. 

Similar to land, there are a lot of dangerous and unique creatures that are prowling the water, but just how strange are they when you look at the parts where there’s no light? Below are the 6 most interesting deep ocean creatures that you’ve probably never seen, or heard of before, from crazy shark and squid species to the most elusive jellyfish.

6. Sea Dragonfish

Credit: Smithsonian

5. Whale Shark

Credit: Wikipedia

4. Vampire Squid

Credit: Monterey Bay Aquarium

3. Goblin Shark

Credit: National Geographic Kids

2. Dumbo Octopus

Credit: Smithsonian

1. Deep Sea Jellyfish

Credit: Smithsonian

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