Black Friday: Everything You Need To Know

Everything you need to know about black friday
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Black Friday rolls around each year, gradually expanding. Once upon a time, it was a single-day event, today, Black Friday runs for weeks and its luster has faded, possibly because of Amazon Prime Day(s).

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Regardless, there’s a lot to know when it comes to Black Friday. Don’t go into the sales blind!

Where should you shop this Black Friday 2022?

It can be overwhelming to make your Black Friday shopping plan of attack because many stores offer great deals. If you only want to hit a few of them, here are the places that we recommend visiting:

  • Amazon offers tons of amazing deals on Black Friday and the months leading up to the big event. You can also take advantage of fast and free shipping as a Prime Member.
  • Best Buy is famous for offering great deals on TVs and the hottest tech products. There’s a good reason that people have camped out in front of this retailer’s stores in the past.
  • Kohl’s brings out tons of deep discounts in honor of Black Friday. This retailer also offers great Kohl’s Cash promotions. You can earn $15 for every $50 you spend.
  • Target is another big player in the Black Friday sale space. You can get great bargains from toys and tech to home goods and holiday decor.
  • Walmart rounds out the list of major Black Friday retailers. All the savings on hot holiday gifts make this one of the most popular Black Friday sales each year. 

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How should you shop on Black Friday?

Here are a few key tips on attacking Black Friday shopping online to get the best deals. 

  • Preparation is key, so be sure to sign up for the email lists from your favorite retailers.
  • Be sure to shop early and act fast to get your desired deals.
  • Don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled for promo codes and free shipping

Remember to do your research before hitting the checkout (digitally or physically). Shopping online makes it easy to see product reviews and price comparisons among retailers. It’s a great way to ensure you get the product you want for the best price.

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What Black Friday deals can you expect?

There are plenty of things you will see that have the best deals. Here are just a few options where you will see the best deals on saving money. 

  • Flat Screen TVs 
  • Apple products 
  • Amazon Products 
  • Smart Home Devices 
  • Home Improvement Items 

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Is it best to shop Black Friday deals online or in-store?

If you need an item immediately, shopping Black Friday deals in-store is probably your best bet. If, however, you can wait a few days for your order to be shipped, then you can shop online knowing you’re getting great deals there as well.

How can I find more Black Friday deals?

If you want to find out more about your favorite retailer’s Black Friday sales, you should sign up for their newsletter and text alerts if available. Email subscribers are usually the first to hear about a store’s best deals, which is a crucial way to stay in the loop.

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What to skip on Black Friday

There are some things you should skip buying on black Friday because you won’t be getting much of a deal from it on Black Friday. 

  • Skip on video game consoles. The longer you wait, the less likely they will have a bunch in inventory on black Friday. 
  • Skip appliances. You are more likely to get a better deal after December 1 than on black Friday if you want a fridge or a freezer. They usually go on sale at better prices when it is the last month of the year. 
  • Skip buying a mattress. The prices tend to be the same all year long unless Labor Day is the day to purchase a mattress, then Black Friday. 

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How to shop Black Friday at the stores?

There are tips and tricks when shopping at a store on Black Friday to make it easier on yourself. 

  • Time of day matters if you’re shopping in the store. Go in between the peaks for a calmer experience, between after 1 pm and before 6 pm. 
  • Keep your expectations in check. Black Friday often brings the best prices, but that doesn’t mean everything will be a steal on Black Friday. 
  • Buy now, price-match later. However, be clear on the store’s policy before you buy because exclusions can apply. For example, Best Buy’s price-match guarantee doesn’t cover Thanksgiving week. Read up on other stores’ policies you plan on shopping at so you are aware beforehand.  

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