7 Most Expensive Gaming Chairs: From Heavy Duty To Zero Gravity

expensive gaming chairs
Credit: Tomasz Mikołajczyk / pixabay.com

Every hardcore gamer knows that a great gaming chair can make a big difference. And when it comes to sitting down for long periods, money talks!

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These are the most expensive gaming chairs available. Offering amazing support for your back and all the comforts needed for really long gaming sessions:

7. Noblechairs Hero, $589+

Most Expensive Gaming Chairs
(Credit: Amazon)

Noblechairs’ Hero comes come with a 330-pound weight limit and offers the height of German precision engineering:

You can expect to game on this beast for a long time, which means you’ll get your money’s worth. But that money will be a little steeper than your average gaming chair. The Hero will set you back somewhere around $589.

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6. Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022, $609+

Secret Lab’s Titan series is their premium class of gaming chairs. There is no doubt that Secret Labs is a well-established gaming chair brand, and its Titan series solidifies its legacy. The most fun part about the Titan series is that you can get it in 23 different colors and aesthetics.

You can get the Secret Lab Titan Evo series for $600+ depending on what model you choose.

5. DXRacer Tank Series, $629

Classic gaming chair brand, DX Racer, delivers one of their costliest chairs with the Tank series. They start at $629 and can go higher based on what model you are getting. The Tank series can support weights of up to 400 pounds (or about 181kg). But its high-end structure and high-density molded foam aren’t the main reason it’s so pricey.

The DXRacer Tank series has other high features like a max recline of 120 degrees, external head and lumbar support, and a spacious seat.

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4. GTR Pro Motion Simulator, $815+

This is a gaming chair for a very specific sub-niche of gamers. If you are a fan of racing games, then the GTR Pro motion simulator is for you. It will set you back $815+, but it is perfect for any racing fan.

It comes packed with an array of features and motions to physically simulate the effects of driving while playing your favorite racing game. But one important thing to note is that the GTR Pro works only with windows right now. So, if you plan on using it for console racing games, we have bad news for you.

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3. Herman Aeron Ergonic Chair, $1,849+

It’s no secret that Herman Miller is a pioneer in the world of ergonomic chairs. They are well known in the corporate world for their extremely comfortable office chairs. But Herman Miller also dabbles in gaming.

You can adjust the arms, the backrest, and the seat to create your perfect sitting position. And the good news for more eco-conscious gamers among us is that the Aeron is eco-friendly. It is made of at least 52% recyclable materials and 91% of the chair is recyclable itself when life ends.

Their Aeron also has a gaming edition, however, the only difference is the look. Yet, we prefer the classic graphite color (both cost $1,849+).

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2. Imperator Works IW-J20 Zero, $3,799

Now we move toward the big leagues. The Zero Gravity gaming chair by Imperator is every gamer’s dream come true. Calling it a gaming chair wouldn’t honestly be fair to this beast. It is more of a battle station.

Made with carbon steel structure. It comes with a control panel and hydraulic motors to adjust the height distance and recline of your chair. This beast supports a triple monitor setup and comes with cool RGB lighting. The best part is that it supports racing car game features.

However, to own this battle station, you’ll need $3,799!

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1. ErgoQuest Zero Gravity Workstation, $12,995+

If gaming chairs had Olympic games, the ErgoQuest Zero Gravity workstation would win every gold medal.

This Zero gravity gaming chair literally has no parallel and this is the reason it will cost you upwards of $12,995. One of the most exciting features of the ErgoQuest is that it has a motorized dome that you can use to change your center of gravity as you lay back down and game.

You can mount a triple monitor setup and it supports 34-inch monitors. This gaming chair is clearly for gamers with deep pockets.