What Is The Best Monitor Size For Gaming?

What Is The Best Monitor Size For Gaming
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The size of a computer monitor has a significant impact on the gaming experience.

The optimal monitor size for gaming is determined by various factors, including screen resolution, viewing distance, the sort of games played, and available space. All of these factors contribute to the optimum best monitor size for gaming.

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24-Inch Monitors

If you plan to game at a desk or within three feet of your monitor, a 24-inch monitor is your best pick. With this proximity to the monitor, you’re unlikely to want to get anything bigger.

This monitor’s size enables the most immersive gaming experience possible from a short distance. At three feet or less, you’ll have a clear view of the entire 24″ screen without snapping your head left to right to see the game.

In shooter games, it’s critical to have a constant awareness of what’s on the screen. In these sorts of games, there is a wealth of vital information hidden in the screen’s corners. These may include your health and stamina gauges, mini-maps, and other valuable items. As a result, the entire screen must be visible during the game.

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32-Inch Monitors

If you plan to sit back at a desk or further than 3-feet, 32-inches is the optimal gaming monitor size because it provides additional space while preserving the 16:9 aspect ratio:

Although this is not the most popular size monitor, you will find 1440p and 4k resolutions available. At 32-inches, a 4k monitor provides a high pixel density for productivity.

32-inch monitors are versatile due to the variety of options available. High refresh rates and fast response times are available on 1440p models, making them an excellent choice for fast-paced gaming.

At this size, you can find monitors with HDMI 2.1 and DisplayPort 2.0, with 4k resolution and high refresh rates, however, they require high-end graphics cards to take full benefit of them.

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34-Inch Curved Monitors

Although curved displays come in various widths, the 34-inch model is one of the more popular options for gaming. The majority of 34-inch monitors include a curved screen and a 21:9 aspect ratio. The additional screen real estate is ideal for gaming, but it’s also ideal for productivity.

While 34-inch monitors look good, buying one with a refresh rate perfect for professional gaming is expensive. Yet, unless you are a pro gamer, 34-inch monitors provide an excellent experience for supported games due to the amount of information displayed on the screen.

While a 32-inch monitor is great for gaming at the edge of 3-feet, a curved monitor is better experienced within 3-feet. It is perfect for sitting close to the desk as the screen edges are close due to the curve (less head swivel). Consider an ultrawide monitor if you put experience and productivity over pro-gaming speeds.

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Which Monitor Size Is Best for Gaming?

As everyone’s preferences vary, there is no one-size-fits-all monitor. However, we recommend a monitor between 24-inches and 34-inches if gaming at a desk. Anything bigger and you are better off buying a giant TV with gaming modes while sitting on a gaming recliner several feet away.

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