5 Collectibles Fans Of The Vikings TV Show Should Snap Up

Viking Merch
Credit: History Channel / Amazon Prime

Fans that love shows, love merch. And fans of the Vikings TV show love Viking merch!

So as we say a heartfelt goodbye to History’s Vikings series, we look for trinkets in homage to the show (and era).

In this list expect the unusual, the potentially valuable, and the already expensive. Each of which will scream Viking merch, whether it be a collectible statue or Norse jewelry.

(Disclaimer: We use some Amazon.com affiliate links below).

Shadow Cutlery Vikings Weapons of Floki – $119

First off, this is a copy from a show prop. So, if you’ve got space for a Vikings wall hanging, and a little over $100 to spend, this is ideal.

According to Amazon.com reviews, the axes have a good weight, and the detail is high. Two more ticks on a checklist for collectors who want only good quality wares on their walls.

Finally, and most importantly in our opinion. Now the show has ended, finding anything like this will get harder. It’s already only being sold on Amazon via specific sellers.

Fans of the show should consider this #1 on a shopping list.

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Viking Danegeld Silver Denier of Charles II Melle Mint – $400

Despite the link to an official seller above, these have been spotted on eBay for around $400.

So why is this coin relevant?

“The first payment of Danegeld to the Vikings in West Francia took place in 845 when, under Ragnar Lothbrok, the Vikings attacked Paris. The army was bought off from destroying the city by a massive payment of nearly six tons of silver and gold bullion. Most of the coins from the Danegeld were melted into bars, ingots, silver bracelets, and chopped as hack-silver for use in a bullion economy.”


Every Vikings fan knows Ragnar Lothbrok:

And in our opinion, there is nothing quite like holding and owning real history. Granted, this coin has nothing to do with Vikings the show but it has a connected history.

Plus, it will likely only increase in value over time.

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Ivar the Boneless Collectible – $200

Ivar The Boneless - Viking Merch
Photo: eBay

Ivar the Boneless appeared in the second season of Vikings. He was a disabled infant, who was unable to walk by season four.

It is for this reason that this collectible piques our interest:

It might be one of the first collectibles, outside of Marvel’s Professor X and Brann (Game of Thrones) that focuses on a disabled character.

Plus, it is made from tin alloy, acrylic, and uses tempera colors. So the detail and workmanship should really stand out in a collection.

Viking Sword 9th-10th Century – $16,500

Viking Merch - Sword
(Photo: eBay.com)

That’s right, a real Viking sword!

Granted, the price is high but if you’ve got cash to burn this could be the perfect homage to the Vikings TV series:

(One you put behind a glass case as it belongs in a museum).

And please don’t get this confused with the axes earlier in this list, those are prop replicas, this is an heirloom 10 centuries old.

What’s most amazing about this piece is that it has all the original parts and signs of real combat…

(Anyone got $16,500 to spare us?)

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Vikings Ragnar 1/9 Scale Statue – $100

The last pick was a coin flip between this Ragnar Lothbrok statue and a Funko Pop version of the same character.

This collectible statue has two major elements going for it:

  1. It is #1 in the Chronicle Collectibles 1:9 scale line-up.
  2. The religious items held by Ragnar are spoils from a factual historical moment — the Vikings’ first raid on Western Europe.

It is that kind of connection to the TV show and historical fact that makes this statues a top-5 item on this list.

What Viking merch are you watching? Perhaps some Norse jewelry, or a bloody statue? Let us know in the comments: