Captain America Coin Collection: Amazing Coins, Bad Reviews

Captain America Coins
Credit: Marvel / Koin Club

CAPTAIN AMERICA COINS: Eighty years on and ‘Cap’ is still one of Marvel’s most iconic characters:

Want proof? In 2019, at a World Heritage Auction, the Captain America #1 comic book sold for a whopping $915,000.

Millions of Captain America fans are scattered throughout the world, in every continent and almost every country.

FACT: Around 16 percent of Adults aged 16-29 consider themselves a Marvel fan.

This is a massive fanbase. But, not everyone is fortunate enough to get their hands on a $915,000 comic book series.

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Captain America Coins?

There’s a company in the UK called Koin Club, and right now they are pushing a Captain America coin collection:

With the popularity of Marvel growing and Captain America effectively retired, this could be a one-off opportunity to snag something that might just become highly collectible in the future.

FACT: Koin Club is a licensed UK-based hub that has been creating amazing coins for fans of Marvel, Star Wars and Disney, over the years.

(And they ship to the U.S.)

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What’s In The Collection?

There are a total of 12 coins in the set, with one delivered to your door each month:

The first coin to be delivered features the super-soldier. But, what makes this collection so interesting is that:

  • It is limited to 9,999.
  • They worked with Marvel on the coins.
  • The art used on the coins comes from original Captain America comics.
  • Periodically across the 12-months, you get about $140 worth of extras.

The extras include:

  • With your first coin, you get an 80th Anniversary Captain America Collector Album.
  • On your third coin, you receive a silver-plated Captain America shield.
  • On the 10th delivery, you get a 12-carat gold Captain America shield coin.
  • With the last coin delivery, you get a certificate of authenticity.  

The company is selling this collection for around $200 (£149) in a one time purchase, or you can collect over time via a subscription:

As a collector, my credit card was ready until…

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Koin Club Reviews

Before buying from a new source I always check the reviews, and the reviews of Koin Club scared me:

On Trust Pilot, they have a 3/5 rating from 42 reviews. With some reviewers telling real horror stories – which would only be amplified for international orders. For example:

“Ordered a Stormtrooper coin. Got Storm from Xmen. Complained, told to return it via the fee post link. Sent via recorded delivery at own expense. They disputed receiving it in their warehouse despite me having the proof. Spoke to a staff member, advised correct coin would be sent. That came, was spelt “Stormtroopep” not stormtrooper…. Complained again, advised 3rd coin would be sent free of charge. That came…. Was Storm from the Xmen… Complained a 3rd time, told a full refund would be issued in 5 working days. Been 2 weeks now and nothing. I wouldn’t use this company again even if I were paid to do so.”

Andrew Holloway, Trust Pilot.

This post is not meant to put you off.

Always do your own research and make up your own mind:

I did, and for me, despite the coins looking amazing, and the deal being priced okay, this is one collection I’m skipping (despite wanting the coins).

Are you going to buy the Captain America Koin Club Collection? Tell us in the comments.
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