Everything You Need To Know About Brick Universe In Jacksonville, Florida

brick universe
Credit: Bill Ward / Wiki Commons

Brick Universe is where LEGO lovers unite and see all different kinds of LEGO art. It is the ultimate LEGO experience and one of the world’s largest LEGO fan events.

Where is Brick Universe being held?

Brick Universe will be held at the Jacksonville Fairgrounds. The address for the fairgrounds is 510 Fairground Place, Jacksonville, FL 32202. 

When is Brick Universe? 

Brick Universe is on October 1st and 2nd. It will be a 2-day event in Jacksonville, Florida. 

What time is Brick Universe?

There are two different time sessions per day. Once you get a ticket for either time you can’t go till that time. It lets the people who are running Brick Universe know the number of people that are going in and makes sure they don’t go over capacity.

  • Saturday 9:30 am to 12:30 pm
  • Sunday 1 pm to 4 pm

How much are the tickets for Brick Universe? 

Brick Universe tickets online cost $17.99 only, and at the door, they will cost $20. If tickets have sold out online, they will be available at the door on a first come first served basis. If you have children under two, they can get in for free. 

What is Brick Universe? 

Brick Universe is the ultimate LEGO event where fans can experience interactive attractions, professional brick artists, massive displays, building zones, and brick merchants. There will be the same interactive areas and activities on both event days. 

What are the attractions that will be at Brick Universe? 

Here is a list of a few of the different attractions made from LEGO that will be at Brick Universe in Jacksonville, Florida:

  • Meet Professional Lego Artists  
  • Tetley Train Station 
  • Notre-Dame De Paris 
  • Fabuland Fun Fair 
  • Mount Rushmore Landscape 
  • Lego Trains 
  • Star Wars 
  • Santa’s Workshop 
  • Air and Space 
  • Joker’s Funhouse 
  • Lifesize Sculptures
  • Golden Gate Bridge 
  • Atlantis 
  • London Layout 
  • NASA Kennedy Space Complex 
  • Chicago Cityscape Layout 
  • Children’s Book Characters

Who are the special guests attending Brick Universe? 

There will be four special guests attending. Below is a list of the special guests and what they are known for in the LEGO world. 

  • Rocco Buttliere: He is based in Chicago and is known for his 1:650 scale models of world landmarks built with LEGO bricks. His work has been showcased worldwide, including in England, Scotland, Norway, and Denmark. He has also been featured worldwide in TV outlets, magazines, and books. 
  • Paul Hetherington: He is a Canadian LEGO artist who has won numerous awards. He has won “Best in Show” six years in a row at Brickcon. In 2016, his creation of Gotham Theater was named LEGO creation of the year.
  • Jonathan Lopes:  Jonathan creates various LEGO creations, including urban landscapes, conceptual art, and life-size sculptures. His realistic and gritty urban scenes are what he is known for. 
  • Greyson Beights: Greyson is the founder of Brick Universe and the author of Medieval LEGO. His book is about teaching history through LEGO bricks. He started Brick Universe in 2015 when he was only 14 years old because he wanted to inspire others to learn and create through massive immersive event experiences. 

Will there be vendors at Brick Universe selling items? 

Yes, there will be vendors selling all types of various items. For example, LEGO merchandise like t-shirts, hats, and LEGO souvenirs of your favorite characters or actors. 

Can you bring your LEGO creations from home to Brick Universe? 

You cannot bring your creations to Brick Universe. All displays must be approved before they can be displayed at Brick Universe. If you are interested in showing your designs at Brick Universe, fill this form out for approval. 

Do you have more questions about Brick Universe? 

If you have more in-depth questions that you need answers to, you can email them at [email protected]