4 Best Linear Switches For Your Keyboard

Best Linear Switches
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The market for linear switches is broad, covering various materials, including plastic and metal, featuring rubberized coatings or just the contact point material:

The best linear switches have the potential to make or break your mechanical keyboard. And because of this, you shouldn’t choose any old linear switch that you come across.

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Instead, consider the following list of the best linear switches for your keyboard:

1. Cherry MX Red, $45+

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Cherry MX has long produced some of the highest-quality switches available. Cherry MX Red linear switches are among the most popular available. This popularity is down to their excellent value for money.

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They are activated with 45 grams of force and each switch requires around 100 million actuations to complete. There is also a silent variant of the Cherry MX Red that is much quieter than the ordinary variant.

2. NovelKeys Cream Switches, $9+

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If you like a bassy sound profile that distinguishes your mechanical keys from the crowd, these might be your best linear switches. They come in a creamy white hue, have an ideal travel distance, and come in a POM Plastic design. When it comes to compatibility, these NovelKeys are compatible with most mechanical keyboards.

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Novelkeys are not as smooth as Gateron switches at first, but their self-lubricating nature will improve in smoothness over time. Because of their remarkable capabilities and specifications, NovelKeys Cream Switches are the greatest linear switches on a shoestring budget.

3. Akko CS Switches, $13+

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Akko Custom Series (CS) switches include three pins specifically designed for DIY enthusiasts that are looking for a more affordable option, and a comfortable typing experience. You get a tremendous deal for the price of the best linear switches available.

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A big worry for most buying linear switches is the delivery. Normally, switches are sent in loose packing, often plastic bags, where pins can easily get damaged. That is not the case with the Akko Custom Series. Its packing is of the highest quality, completely protecting the switches and more importantly, each pin.

4. Gateron KS Switches, $23+

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The Gateron KS is a unique linear switch with a shaft body. They are really simple to install and remove (comparable with the Cherry MX). Additionally, they feature a low profile and are constructed of high-quality materials.

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These key switches have an extremely long life expectancy of 50 million cycles. Additionally, they are responsive, and the best part is that they feature a linear motion that is ideal for gaming sessions. Including both central and fixed columns, making it compatible with most keyboards.


Linear switches are quite convenient to use. They are quieter than tactile and clicky switches. The switches discussed in this article are pretty convenient to utilize. Gamers primarily use linear switch keyboards. Only a few users type with linear switches. However, this is entirely subjective.