5 Best Controllers For PC That You Can Buy Right Now

By Duane Beckett
Best Controllers For PC
Credit: 11333328 / pixabay.com

Does anyone remember those old Atari 2600 joysticks? One button and sturdy like a house brick…

Today, a gamer’s controller is a nod to their personality and skill. So, buying one of the best controllers for PC is key:

Whether you’re looking for an edge in competitive gaming, or just trying to avoid wonky mouse and keyboard inputs (it can happen with console first built games), here are some of the best controllers for PC gaming.

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5. 8BitDo SN30 Pro+, $50

(Credit: Amazon)

If retro gaming is your thing, then this controller takes the misery of W, A, S, D keystrokes away:

Priced below $50, the 8BitDo SN30 Pro+ is a sturdy, retro-design controller that works well with most PC games.

The manufacturer 8BitDo has made a name for itself for its retro designs. Designed after the old-school Super Nintendo controllers, the SN30 Pro controller is ideal for Steam’s bevy of 8-and-16 bit inspired content.

The SN30 Pro has a pair of analog sticks, which works for modern shooters and third-person action games.

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4. Microsoft Xbox Wireless Controller, $57

(Credit: Amazon)

Microsoft’s Xbox controller is perfect for the PC gamer:

It is a comfortable and weighty controller that has a button layout that simply works. Plus, the latest variants of the controller include clickier shoulder bumpers and a much improved D-pad.

Furthermore, it is a Bluetooth controller, making it very easy to pair with your desktop or laptop. With a price point of $60, the controller is also very attractive for gamers who want quality without spending a fortune.

This controller is available in various patterns and colors, ensuring there is something that everyone will like. Even if there isn’t a color scheme that you want, you can easily customize it through Microsoft’s Xbox Design Lab.

This universal controller has been one of the best controllers for PC gaming for several years now and looks set to be a top-5 controller for generations to come.

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4. Sony DualSense Wireless Controller, $69

(Credit: Amazon)

Some gamers prefer Sony’s new PS5 controller, stating it has more accurate thumbsticks, adaptive triggers, and haptic rumble. Amazingly, the DualSense Wireless Controller from Sony is also a great PC gaming controller:

However, this controller is a little more expensive, priced at $60-$70.

Gamers are praising the high-quality new haptic motors and adaptive triggers. Stating that the rumble is the most nuanced ever felt in a controller:

Yet, not all of these features work on PC games right now – but they’re expected to in the future. So, if you’re buying with the future in mind, perhaps a PS5 DualSense is the way to go?

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2. Logitech F310, $17

(Credit: Amazon)

The best controllers for PC come down to two scenarios. Budget, or super-professional features. And this pick is for PC gamers on a budget:

Don’t get us wrong, the Logitech F310 PC game controller is a good-quality controller that’ll serve you well in the moments you no longer want to sit at a desk. And, in a sale can fall as low as $15.

The controller is fairly basic in its functionality and execution, a no-frills option that has to be plugged into a USB slot to work.

Plus, there are no customization options, just a relatively low price for a functional lightweight controller.

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1. Astro C40 TR, $260

(Credit: Amazon)

The Astro C40 TR controller is a premium PC controller, and its price point proves it:

The unique feature of this controller is the ability to not just swap parts but you can even move them around. This modular design of the Astro C40 allows you to swap out the left thumbstick for the D-pad. You can even put two thumbsticks on the left while positioning the D-pad on the right.

The Astro C40 has its own software, making it easier for PC gamers to customize. And at $240, you’d expect all this and more (and based on reviews, the Astro C40 TR delivers).

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