MSI Optix MPG321QRF-QD Gaming Monitor Review

With a brand as recognizable as MSI, you expect quality, and the MSI Optix MPG321QRF-QD Gaming Monitor is yet another piece of tech most PC gamers are likely coveting.

Packing an incredible response time, QHD resolution, and 175Hz refresh rate, the MPG321QRF-QD is feature-rich. But is it worth the $430 price? Let’s find out!

MSI Optix MPG321QRF-QD Gaming Monitor Review

MSI Optix MPG321QRF-QD Gaming Monitor

$430+ Amazon

– Full 31.5-Inch QHD Screen
– Anti-Glare Technology
– 1ms Response IPS Display
– 2560 x 1440 Resolution
– 175Hz Refresh Rate
– HDR Ready

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  • The first thing that stands out is the colors. The MSI Optix MPG321QRF-QD renders over-saturated colors so well that it produces a feeling of being punched in the face with every rendered image.
  • The display boasts a large color gamut of 167.4/168% of the sRGB spectrum, plus an impressive 90.6/92.5% saturation of the DCI-P3 gamut. It allows this gaming monitor to render colors that most monitors can’t match with accuracy and detail.
  • By default, its brightness is set to a decent 169 nits, with a black level of 0.15 nits and a high contrast ratio of 1,127:1. Those numbers contribute to solid depth and contrast.
  • However, at its peak brightness level of 402 nits, the display becomes even more striking, delivering a level of contrast and vibrancy usually reserved for monitors twice its price.
  • The monitor’s 175Hz refresh rate suffers from no ghosting or inverse ghosting issues, and no haloing was visible. We know that 240Hz monitors are available, but 175Hz is more than suitable for mainstream gaming and the vast majority of esports titles.
  • Equipped with an IPS panel and a 2560×1440 resolution, it makes games look fantastic, and fps rates soar. Placing emphasis on the viewing experience, MSI has also included a 10-bit color depth and a 1ms response time.
  • Despite all the positives, the pixel density of 92ppi may not be as high as some other options on the market. However, it still delivers detail and clarity where it matters.

Build Quality:

  • The MSI Optix MPG321QRF-QD is a large, bold-looking monitor with a 32-inch panel and slim bezels.
  • The rear of the display features carbon fiber and brushed plastic surfaces and an LED-lit section that adds style.
  • It’s also worth noting that MSI has crammed its gaming-centric monitor with onboard lighting zones, which are easily controlled by accompanying software.

Is It Worth Checking Out?

The MSI’s Optix MPG321QRF‑QD monitor is a quality option, but one that feels in limbo considering the market.

For $800 you can get a 4k 240Hz ultrawide monitor that delivers unbelievable quality whether gaming on a console or PC. On the flip side, for $200 you can get a 144Hz Full-HD gaming monitor that is feature-rich and fantastic if gaming at a desk.

For us, the MSI’s Optix MPG321QRF‑QD is $100-$150 too expensive to be attractive. Alternatively, if it was 4k the $400 price would be more appealing for activities beyond gaming:

Therefore, the MSI’s Optix MPG321QRF‑QD gaming monitor is only Nerdable Recommended if in a deep sale.


  • Low latency
  • Almost nonexistent ghosting
  • Fast refresh rates
  • Great colors


  • It isn’t 4k which makes it feel expensive and limited

Find out more about the MSI Optix MPG321QRF-QD Gaming Monitor on Amazon.

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