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What is The Big Bang Theory?

BBT (Big Bang Theory) is one of television’s most famous sitcoms. While many will disagree on the show’s overall quality, its 12 seasons and absurdly high viewership allow it to lay claim to that coveted title.

The show features a slew of amusing and complicated characters. Sheldon, Leonard, Penny, Raj, and Howard, all of which were the initial gang members. Bernadette, Amy, and, to a lesser extent, Stuart were later added as full-time cast members.

Numerous awards have been bestowed upon the series and its stars. Including the People’s Choice Award, Emmys, and Golden Globes:

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These are the best Big Bang Theory episodes, as nominated by the show’s fans.

5. The Opening Night Excitation Season 9, Episode 11

After years of watching Sheldon and Amy’s love progress incrementally, the time had come for them to lose their virginity to one another.

It’s a scenario you rarely see on television – two individuals well into adulthood meeting at the perfect time – and the script and direction treat both characters with the deference and real affection they’ve earned.

It all comes together in the second half of the episode, as Leonard, Howard, and Raj are shown watching The Force Awakens and feel almost as nervous as their friends back home do, which matches the first half of the episode’s emotional roller coaster.

It’s a celebration of geek culture, of odd pairings falling in love, and of both things coexisting in people’s lives. It’s a flawless episode and one of the greatest in the series.

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4. The Flaming Spittoon Acquisition Season 5, Episode 10

When Amy (Sheldon’s friend) joins the boys on their weekly excursion to the comic book store, she attracts the interest of Stuart, the comic book store’s proprietor.

Stuart has Leonard consult Sheldon before approaching Amy, who replies that the question is irrelevant, as Amy is a renowned neurologist who would never have been interested in Stuart.

Sheldon exhibits numerous classic indicators of jealousy after Amy dates Stuart, including stalking Stuart on Facebook, being excessively defensive, and making Amy jealous by asking out Penny.

Finally, Sheldon matures and proposes to Amy.

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3. The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis Season 2, Episode 11

The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis is ranked second on IMDB’s best Big Bang Theory episodes list, owing to its 9.2/10 rating:

Leonard is unhappy when Penny develops feelings for a gorgeous physicist at the university. Meanwhile, Sheldon is stumped as to what to get Penny for Christmas.

2. The Barbarian Sublimation Season 2, Episode 3

Penny has truly had it, she’s been in California for nearly two years and hasn’t landed a single acting gig, she’s in desperate need of a raise at The Cheesecake Factory, and, to top it all off, she informs a bemused Sheldon that she hasn’t slept with anyone in six months.

And now her automobile key is jammed in the door of her flat. Penny can stay in Sheldon’s apartment while he plays online video games. Much to Leonard’s dismay, Penny becomes entirely absorbed in the realm of multiplayer gaming and begins to neglect all of her responsibilities.

Penny is swallowing Red Bulls, brushing Cheeto dust from her shirt, and rapidly tapping away on her keyboard towards the show’s second half. Penny is revealed in a way you’ve never seen her before.

1. The Pilot Season 1, Episode 1

Leonard and Sheldon meet a new neighbor Penny, on who Leonard has a secret crush. The opening scene takes place at a sperm bank, where Sheldon is preparing to donate sperm.

It’s a memorable episode, with Penny, Leonard, and Sheldon meeting for the first time and exchanging hellos and goodbyes. Additional highlights include a MySpace reference, Howard’s Nintendo controller belt, and Penny accidentally taking Sheldon’s place.