The 5 Best Reply All Episodes Ever

Some people still aren’t interested in podcasts:

And some people have valid reasons – like they’re deaf or hate smiling…

Yet, others, who say “there’s nothing good to listen to” really have been living under a rock.

Case in point, Gimlet Media’s iconic tech investigation program Reply All.

If you love a good investigation, with lots of nerd-level intrigue and weirdness, then any of the following 5 best Reply All episodes will make you realize, that podcasts are great.

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Don’t believe us, check any of the following episodes. You can thank us later.

(Each episode title includes a link to Spotify if you would prefer to listen on the platform).

5. #104 The Case of the Phantom Caller

In this episode, an office worker keeps receiving strange calls. What starts with a reach out to Alex’s Super Tech Support, ends with Alex reaching out for Super Tech Support himself, in a bizarre twist.

Alex literally spends months trying to figure out this problem, and with every new revelation across this 32-minute journey, you’re left wondering and surprised.

This was the first episode we ever listened to and it instantly got us hooked and digging back through episodes. Maybe it is just our nostalgia ranking these, but the Phantom Caller is a top-5 (for us at least).

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4. #158 The Case of the Missing Hit

The second episode on this list has all the hallmarks of a Twilight Zone episode concept, a song that you remember – but that doesn’t actually exist… How very bizarre.

Alex and PJ go on a mission to find this missing hit, taking a trip through one of Reply All’s most amusing episodes:

(We don’t want to say more because it’ll give the episode away).

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3. #102 Long Distance Part I, Part II

The only thing worst than an unwanted visitor is an unwanted caller. And the worst of all callers is the cold call:

And if you hate such things, Episode 102 is for you!

This two-parter begins with a simple telephone scammer calling, and evolves into a wild chase from the U.S to India, as Alex investigates the source of the scam.

This could easily be the best deep dive and investigation into scam call centers and is a definite top-5 episode.

By the end of this episode, you’ll never trust a cold call again (and rightly so).

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2. #130 The Snapchat Thief

If you have ever wondered about social media security, as we have, this episode about a Snapchat account being hijacked is eye-opening:

Alex, jumps to the rescue, digging into the dark corners of the internet, and reaching out for help from hacked friends until uncovering something dark and devious.

Don’t listen to this episode if you think the internet is all rainbows and unicorns – there are really shady things happening. And this is why this episode ranks #2 on our top-5.

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1. #109 Is Facebook Spying On You?

We’ve all experienced it, you have a conversation on a Thursday, and on Friday, Facebook is pumping ads at you about that exact topic:

And you know it cannot be a coincidence, because the conversation you had was about a very specific blue lawnmower your neighbor has, which you want. And the ad you are being shown is about discount lawnmowers, which are blue!

In Episode #9, the show takes a deep dive into corporate America, taking a big magnifying glass to Facebook and asking the question, are they listening?

Whatever you want to believe, this episode unveils some scary facts about big business and consumer data. And because we’re nerds, a show about conspiracy and data got us all excited.

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