American Dad debuted in 2005 and continues to this day. There are countless great episodes, but what are the best American Dad episodes?

What is American Dad?

For those unfamiliar with the show, the lead is CIA Agent Stan Smith, who because of his role in fighting terrorists, gets the title of American Dad.

Francine Smith, Stan’s wife, is a stay-at-home mom, looking after two kids, Hayley and Steve. Steve is the nerd of the family, he loves Dungeons and Dragons, comic books, etc.

The show has an extraordinary character, Roger. An illegal space alien who is being secretly taken care of by the Smith family. And finally, there’s Klaus (Smith’s talking fish).

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The best American Dad episodes are as follows:

WARNING: Some of the clips below are not suitable for work or children.

7. Ad-Ventures In Hayleysitting (Season 8, Episode 8)

When it turns out the Smith’s usual babysitter is unavailable, daughter Hayley is left to look after Steve. However, on this night, Steve decides to sneak out to a party.

This episode is a fan-favorite because of Charlie Day’s guest appearance. It ends with an unexpected yet hilarious twist.

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6. The Magnificent Steven (Season 3, Episode 18)

After Steve was prosecuted for sending contaminated cattle to the slaughterhouse, Stan starts his quest to turn his son into a man.

While this is happening, Francine and Hayley are involved in a catfight.

5. Jenny Fromdabloc (Season 7, Episode 16)

Steve and Roger devise a plan to cheer Snot up after professing his love for Hayley and being shot down.

He disguises himself as Steve’s cousin Jenny Fromdabloc, and it’s hard for Snot to look away from her. After a while, Stan wants to live like a gentleman of the 1960s, complete with dark suits and dry martinis.

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4. Great Space Roaster (Season 5, Episode 18)

Roger wants to be roasted but ends up hurt by the family’s onslaught. And in the aftermath, Roger takes it a little too far, which results in the family ending up on the run. What a birthday!

3. Office Spaceman (Season 3, Episode 14)

Roger releases photographs of himself to the local media in order to earn extra money, prompting the CIA to form an Alien Task Force.

Inadvertently, Roger becomes Stan’s boss, in charge of the task force, resulting in a tense situation at home.

Francine has to cope with the fact that she is left-handed. At the same time, Roger identifies Stan as an alien to disguise his identity.

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2. G-String Circus (Season 5, Episode 3)

Hayley no longer wants Stan’s advice. And to prove her wrong, he launches another business in order to prove Hayley’s theory wrong. However, he ends up dancing for money to cover his business failures.

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1. Lost in Space (Season 9, Episode 18)

Jeff finds himself on a spaceship after aliens abduct him. To find his way back he must prove his love for Hayley to Emperor Zing.