5 Amazing Apple HomePod Alternatives For Less Than $300

Credit: xloisl / PxHere

Early March 2021, it was reported that Apple planned to cease production of its four-year-old home speaker product, the Apple HomePod:

On paper, the HomePod sounded great, but it was crippled by its unreasonably high and relatively limited functionalities compared to what other heavyweights boasted.

Now that HomePod has bided the tech world a fond farewell, you’re probably looking for a reliable replacement?

Don’t fret! We’ve got you covered. These are the best home speakers available for under $300 right now:

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Sonos One, $229

Sonos penetrated The Alexa smart Assistant-enabled speaker market with the outstanding Sonos One. Besides its simple yet luxurious look, it sounds amazing.

Sonos is renowned for its unmatched ability to blend functionality and sound quality, and evidently, it delivered both in the Sonos One.

Whether it is on its own as mono, or as a pair, for stereo, it produces excellent sound.

The voice assistant allows you to select between Google or Alexa assistant, which implies that One is dynamic, flexible, and as such, a reliable fit for any smart home ecosystem.

Available: $229 on the official website.

Amazon Echo Studio, $149

Over the past few years, Amazon has been improving its speaker quality gradually. However, the Echo Studio is a significant leap forward:

Arguably, it is Amazon’s best-sounding speaker to date.

It features a hi-fi sound performance, 3D audio, and everyone’s favorite voice assistant, Alexa.

It’s no secret that when it comes to being smart, Amazon speakers are unrivaled. But the Echo Studio is a standout among the smartest. Pair it with lossless audio and you’ll be amazed at how well-tuned the sound production is.

Available: $149 on Amazon.

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Google Nest Audio, $99.99

The Nest Audio is Google’s equivalent to the Apple HomePod and serves as a replacement for the brand’s original home speaker:

Its design is compact, making it perfect for even the smallest room.

It is obvious Google has positioned this speaker as a competitor to the Amazon Echo. While the market competition is considerably fierce, Google’s Nest Audio can hold its own (especially at under-$100)

Available: $99.99 on Google store.

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Bose Home Speaker 500, $299.99

Like the Sonos One, the Bose Home Speaker 500 is flexible when it comes to compatible voice assistants, allowing you to adjust sound settings and connect with numerous music sources.

However, unlike the Sonos One, this home speaker features Bluetooth connectivity, which gives it an extra feature over some others in terms of connectivity.

Plus, when compared to the Sonos One, the sound quality is similar. Yet it is the device’s extra control features that make it stand out. You can control it with your voice, the Bose app, or directly with the on-device interface.

Available: $299.99 on the official website.

Audio Pro G10, $292

(Photo: audiopro.com)

The Audio Pro G10 isn’t a well known device, especially when compared to the previously mentioned options:

What it lacks in its branding, it makes up for in features and sound quality. It comes with Google Assistant, Google Chromecast, Spotify Connect, Apple’s Airplay 2, and is simple to set up.

The only downside is the price versus the above-mentioned devices.

Available: $292 on the official website.

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