10 Most Valuable Eli Manning Football Cards

most valuable eli manning football cards

When you think about NFL quarterbacks, Eli Manning is a name that should definitely spring to mind. With a whopping 16 seasons with the New York Giants, this veteran of the sport is a legend in his own right and idolized by many adoring fans around the world. Much like other members of the Manning family, Eli has spawned a massive range of valuable memorabilia in his name and likeness. One of the most sought after kinds of sports memorabilia are football cards with variations from Eli’s rookie season being particularly pricey. Here we will be breaking down the 10 most valuable Eli Manning football cards and answering some of your burning questions about these items. 

10. 2004 Upper Deck Eli Manning #201

Most valuable Eli Manning football cards: 2004 Upper Deck
Source: eBay – user kcfutures9

We’re kicking things off with an interesting card that features Eli Manning throwing stardust toward the camera, giving a glimpse of the star he would go on to become. Although it isn’t as scarce as other entries in this list, it is most definitely a collectible piece. 

Card Value: ~$100

9. 2004 Absolute Memorabilia Eli Manning RX #225

Most valuable Eli Manning football cards: 2004 Absolute Memorabilia
Source: eBay – user cardsmax

Next, we have a horizontally oriented card which features authentic jersey patches inset, making it more of a collectible than our previous entry. Combine this with a striking Eli Manning pose and some reflective materials and you have a relatively valuable football card. 

Card Value: ~$100

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8. 2004 Fleer Showcase Eli Manning RC #110

Most valuable Eli Manning football cards: 2004 Fleer Showcase
Source: eBay – user walshman23

This Eli Manning football card is a great example of “showcasing talent,” which is inscribed at the top. The Fleer Showcase card features a rainbow reflective foil that is instantly recognizable and flashy. This makes the card quite valuable if you can find it in good condition. 

Card Value: ~$150

7. 2004 Topps Chrome Eli Manning #205

Most valuable Eli Manning football cards: 2004 Topps Chrome
Source: eBay – claycards

Although this card is relatively simple, the quality and finishing of the print is exceptional, making it highly sought after by fans or collectors. There’s even a small sketch on the bottom right of a football player, which is a unique touch. QB is etched just above his name, which adds to the design of this special rookie card.

Card Value: ~$175

6. 2004 Flair Eli Manning Auto RC

Most valuable Eli Manning football cards: 2004 Flair
Source: eBay – user camscards6

One thing that makes football cards more expensive is an authenticated signature from the player it features. This Flair card features an authentic signature by Eli Manning himself. It also shows a golden parchment and Eli Manning ready to make a pass.

Card Value: ~$500

5. 2004 SP Game Eli Manning RX #184

Most valuable Eli Manning football cards: 2004 SP Game
Source: eBay – comc_consignment

With just 425 of these cards ever printed, this horizontal card can fetch quite a price at auction. It features a strong throwing pose from Eli Manning alongside a faded close up shot of his face behind the helmet. The back of the card, shown above, features his rookie stats as well.

Card Value: ~$500

4. 2004 SP Authentic Eli Manning Auto Patch RC #216

Most valuable Eli Manning football cards: 2004 SP Authentic
Source: eBay – user pc_sportscards

Another SP card that is even more valuable is the Auto Patch card. This features an authentic autograph and jersey patch of Eli’s. Plus, there was a limited print run, making it a hard card to find. With the contrast between the patch and the dual coloring of the card, this is certainly a fan favorite.

Card Value: ~$700

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3. 2004 Playoff Contenders Eli Manning Auto #131

Most valuable Eli Manning football cards: 2004 Playoff Contenders
Source: eBay – user waxpackcity

Here we have another Autograph card with a gold coloring, which also features an authentic signature on a reflective foil background. This signature is super clear and this makes both the quality and value of the card increase. It is certainly a sports card that many Eli Manning fans would love to collect.

Card Value: ~$700

2. 2004 SPx Eli Manning RC Auto Jersey #221

Most valuable Eli Manning football cards: 2004 SPx
Source: eBay – kcfutures9

We have discussed some of the factors that make a card valuable, including a limited release, authenticated signature, and a jersey patch. This final entry has all three and presents them in a striking blue card that is horizontal in orientation. Plus, the blue jersey is clearly a Giant’s fans dream. Due to all of these inclusions, this card is extremely valuable. 

Card Value: ~$1,000

1. 2004 Ultimate Collection Eli Manning Auto #130

Most valuable Eli Manning football cards: 2004 Ultimate Collection
Source: eBay – user burbanksportscards

With one of the best looking and most unique designs, this premium card framing Eli Manning can be extremely expensive. Its frame is made of foil and Manning’s authentic signature is made out in Giants’ blue. As one of his most sought after rookie cards, this card can go for over $1,500 at an auction.

Card Value: ~$1,500

How Many Eli Manning Rookie Cards Are There? 

There are a large number of Eli Manning football cards out there, but not too many of them are rookie cards. Based on our research, there are approximately 50 unique Eli Manning rookie cards on the market. These cards range from a couple of dollars up to the thousands in value. 

How Much Is the Average Eli Manning Football Card Worth?

This is a difficult question to answer, since the price of an Eli Manning card will depend largely on the card type, its rarity and most importantly, its condition. Cards are graded based on their condition and the better shape they’re in, the more they’re worth. 

Despite this, Football Rookie Cards has tracked the average selling price for an Eli Manning card to be around $9.00. 

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What Brand of Football Cards Are Worth the Most Money? 

There are many different brands of sports cards such as Topps, Upper Deck, and Panini. The latter is the most prominent in terms of football cards, especially in modern times since competitors have lost the precious licensing for NFL teams and players. For this reason, Panini is generally the brand of football card that is worth the most money.

If you have a card collection with an Eli Manning rookie card in it, chances are you have something that is worth quite a bit of money. This will all depend on the condition of the card of course and with the proper grading and the right card, you could be on to a winner. Auction sites will always vary in price, but the list above should be a good indicator as to the sort of value that can be held in Eli Manning football cards.

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