Why Does My Roku TV Keep Turning Off?

Why does my Roku TV keep turning off?

In this era of streaming and subscription services, it can get difficult to keep track of the many apps available. As well as this, many consumers can get caught out by recurring billing for these services, resulting in unexpected charges. This is why Roku has become the go to way for millions of users to subscribe to and watch their favorite streaming services.

RokuTV is a physical piece of hardware or integrated service that allows you to browse, install, manage, and watch a wide variety of video streaming applications. Despite this, some users have reported a variety of issues with their Roku TV, including instances of it turning off without being instructed to. Here we will examine the solution to the question that many are asking— why does my Roku TV keep turning off?

What is the issue?

While streaming shows or movies or simply browsing the user interface, some users have reported that the Roku TV will simply shut down, reverting to a black screen. This can be incredibly frustrating and break your movie or TV show watching flow, ruining the experience entirely. Below we have listed a series of common causes of this issue, alongside some potential solutions. 

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Why does my Roku TV keep turning off?

Why does my Roku TV keep turning off?

There is a small possibility that there is some serious internal failure within the hardware which is leading to your Roku TV turning off. If that is the case, you would need to contact Roku directly to arrange a replacement. However, there are a number of easier to resolve causes which we will outline below. 

Loose cables

One simple reason that your device keeps turning off could be down to the connection of the various cables. If you are starting the troubleshooting process, unplug everything from your TV and Roku device and then plug them back in. This will ensure there is a strong, stable connection and you can test the device to see if that fixes the issue.

TV software

Since smart TVs use integrated software, there may be an issue with the version you are using. Depending on the brand of TV you have, you will need to navigate to the settings and check if there is an update available. Download and update your TV software before using your Roku TV device again to see if the issue has been resolved. 

Roku TV software

In a similar vein, you should also check to see if your Roku TV hardware is up-to-date. Different software versions will have bugs which may have been resolved in further iterations of the software. By pressing the home key on your remote, you should navigate to “system” and then “about.” Here you will see your software version and whether there is a newer version of the software that you can install under “system update.” 

Sleep timer settings

Both your TV and the Roku device will have different sleep timer options that could be automatically shutting off the device after a certain period of time. On your Roku device, open the settings menu from the home screen. Within these settings, navigate to “system” and then “time.” You will now see an option called “sleep timer,” which you can then increase or disable entirely. This is helpful for personal preference as well as seeing if your issue is resolved. For your television, there may be similar options within the system settings. 

Power saving settings

Much like the sleep timer settings, there are power saver settings which may be causing your Roku TV to shut down unexpectedly. Head back into your settings and then navigate to “system.” From here, go to “power” and then you should see an option called “auto power savings.” If this is enabled, disable it and see if your issue has been resolved. 

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What else can I do?

While there is no one-size-fits-all solution for this issue with your RokuTV, you should be able to resolve it by following the above steps. If none of the above steps have helped, your next step should be to purchase a replacement or contact Roku directly for support. You can check on your warranty and reach out for help here.

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