10 Tallest NBA Players Ever: Including Tacko Fall and more

Tallest NBA Players
Credit: Keith Allison / Wiki Commons

If you’re looking for the tallest NBA players, or the tallest NBA player playing now, this top-10 has got you covered.

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10. Mark Eaton, 7’4″

Mark Eaton was 7 feet and 4 inches tall and started his NBA career back in 1982 with the Utah Jazz. His career lasted for 11 seasons, where he played 875 games and won two NBA Defensive Player of the Year awards (1985 and 1989).

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9. Slavko Vranes, 7’4″

The 7 feet 4 inches tall Slavko Vranes was drafted in the second round by the New York Knicks, who later waived him in 2003. He was given a 10-day contract with the Portland Trail Blazers in 2004 but after one game, he was gone. Vranes played only once in the NBA, against the Minnesota Timberwolves.

8. Sim Bhullar, 7’5″

Sim Bhullar is 7 feet 5 inches tall and played for the Sacramento Kings in 2015. The Canadian Bhullar is the only player of Indian origin to have ever played in the NBA. Bhullar played three matches in the NBA and now plays in the Taiwan league.

7. Pavel Podkolzin, 7’5″


The 7 feet 5-inch tall Pavel Podkolzin only played in the NBA for two seasons. During his two years career, Russian Podkolzin was drafted by the Utah Jazz in 2004, but was quickly moved on to the Dallas Mavericks where he played a total of six games. He still plays in the Russian Super League.

6. Chuck Nevitt, 7’5″

Chuck Nevitt, who was also 7 feet 5 inches tall, started his NBA career in 1982 with the Houston Rockets and played till 1993. Nevitt played for multiple teams in his career, including the Chicago Bulls and San Antonio Spurs. He only played 155 games across his career but won an NBA Championship in 1985 with the Los Angeles Lakers.

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5. Tacko Fall, 7’5″

Tacko Fall made his debut in 2019 and is currently playing for the Boston Celtics after going undrafted in the 2019 NBA Draft. Fall is currently the tallest player in the NBA and would have been higher on this list if not for the fact the NBA now lists height without sneakers (7’7″ with sneakers).

4. Yao Ming, 7’6″

Like number 3 on this list, Yao Ming is 7 feet 6 inches tall. Ming, a Chinese star player started and ended his NBA career with the Houston Rockets (2002-2011). Ming played 481 matches in the NBA and is the only non-USA player to lead the NBA in All-Star votes.

3. Shawn Bradley, 7’6″

Shawn Bradley, also known as “The Stormin’ Mormon” was just an inch shorter than Bol and Muresan (below) with a height of 7 feet and 6 inches. Bradley started his career in the NBA with the Philadelphia 76ers in 1993. The German-American Bradley played in NBA for seven seasons. His career includes 832 games in which he scored around 6,753 points.

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2. Manute Bol, 7’7″

Bol is the joint tallest player in the NBA with a height of 7 feet 7 inches. This Sudanese-born American entered the NBA in 1985 from the Washington Wizards. He was initially drafted in 1983. Bol was known for his rim protection and blocking skills.

1. Gheorghe Muresan, 7’7″

Gheorghe Muresan, like Manute Bol was 7 feet 7 inches tall, making him the joint tallest NBA player in the history of the sport. Muresan was born in Romania and even starred in a movie called ‘My Giant‘.

Bol and Muresan played in the same team but unlike Bol, Muresan was not very good with rim protection. However, he was more talented offensively. Muresan played for only six seasons and played for the Washington Wizards (Bullets) and the New Jersey Nets between 1993 and 2000.

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