T-Mobile Will Trade Any Phone For A New Samsung A32

t-mobile trade
Credit: Samsung.com

T-Mobile is running an unbelievable deal from April 18 and everyone should be applicable.

All you need is an old working phone to trade in and in return, you’ll get a brand new Samsung Galaxy A32, with 5G. An exclusive to T-Mobile postpaid customers:

What is a postpaid mobile phone?

A postpaid mobile phone lets you pay for services used at the end of each month, rather than a pre-agreed plan that may have add-ons and extras a user doesn’t need.

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So, if you’ve been looking for an upgrade or want to cash in on that age-old flip phone, T-Mobile has you covered.

There is a downside, you’ll need to pay the sales tax. Yet don’t let that put you off, this is still an exceptional offer. One that lets the company continue to push its un-carrier mantra and 5G network expansion.

Amazingly, the promotion is expected to last all year long.

T-Mobile’s Promotion

How does it work? Simple! Trade in your existing mobile phone, and T-Mobile will give you a brand-spanking-new, Samsung Galaxy A32 5G smartphone for free, exclusive to T-Mobile postpaid customers. This offer applies to new and existing customers, and ANY old phone in working condition — flip phone, Sidekick, whatever that suitcase phone was called. T-Mobile will take it. And in exchange, you get a free 5G smartphone after 24 monthly bill credits and pay only the sales tax.

Caption from 9to5google.com

If you’re already a T-Mobile customer, you’re not going to miss out. The company is giving all postpaid customers 5G.

Check out the Samsung Galaxy A32 review below:

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