Top 5 Quirky Gadgets For Men Who Are Difficult To Buy For

Quirky Gadgets
Credit: Photo by PIXNIO

If you have a quirky male friend, and you’re stuck on what to buy, don’t sink hours thinking outside of the box. Instead, check out this list of 5 quirky gadgets any man would like as a gift:

LED Bluetooth Name Badge, $19.99


The LED Name Badge is a perfect gift for those nerdy friends that are constantly stuck in situations where name badges are a requirement. Think conventions, meet-and-greets, and office meetings.

An LED Name Badge is a statement. I’m a nerd and proud, and one thing is certain – it is an ice breaker that will help your friend stand out from the crowd:

Imagine your friends are in a business meeting where everyone else has a paper badge, and your friend has a LED name badge…

(We said they were quirky – worst-case scenario, you and your friends can have a laugh with it out and about – as it is Bluetooth).

Additionally, this product supports 15 different languages and over file different file types.

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Pebblebee Smartphone Bluetooth Key Finder, $24.99

(Credit: Amazon)

Pebblebee is the best gift for friends who always forget something before leaving their home.

This device will help ensure that they never lose essential items again. The device can be placed on items like car keys or in wallets. Then, if you cannot find your car keys you can easily track them by the App, as it will make the device ring and you will know where to find them.

Plus, you can set an alarm using the App so if you leave the house without taking your wallet the device will alert you – not to mention see where it is on a map (if it ever gets stolen).

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NES Cube Speaker, $29.99


The NES Cube speaker is a great gift for your retro 8-and-16bit loving friends. The speaker features a design similar to the directional pad on the iconic NES controller.

It is a wireless Bluetooth speaker with 8-hours of battery life, ensuring your friend on the go could enjoy a whole night of wireless audio. The directional pad on the top allows you to raise or lower the volume.

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The Official BS Button by Gemmy, $12.25


The Giant BS button is a great thing to give your friends as a laugh.

This button will make a hilarious statement when pressed. Allowing your friend to call BS without ever opening their mouth.

It is a great product to use at parties or to play jokes with friends. Most importantly, the official BS button costs only a little more than $10, so it is affordable as well as fun.

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Galaxy Projector, $99.97


The Encalife Star Projector is the only one available on the market that can be enabled using Alexa or Google Assistant.

What’s more, it is the best gift you can get for a quirky friend:

What does it do? It allows you to choose what stars and colors to project using Google Assistant or Alexa.

Why is it number one? Not only would it be relaxing to sit back to, but it could also be the perfect ambiance to nerd out to:

(Seriously, watch Gravity with one of these filling the room at night…)

With 16.7 million colors and endless star projection, this Star and Galaxy projector is a high-quality product.