5 Best Gifts For Guitar Players Under $50

Gifts For Guitar Players
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When it comes to buying gifts for guitar players, it can get tricky as most musicians already have countless gadgets and gizmos to customize their sound:

And this is amplified when the gift-giver has very little knowledge in the world of guitar gadgets and tech. No one wants to give a gift someone has no use for, or that is way too overpriced for its function.

In this list, we’re going to be showing you how to avoid that unsatisfactory reaction, with these 5 gifts for guitar lovers that are bound to put a smile on any guitar player’s face.

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5. Spider Capo, $10

Best Gifts For Guitar Players Under $50
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This product is a revolutionary idea, and it’s a wonder that it isn’t more popular:

Essentially, this capo gives the player the choice of which frets to bar instead of covering the entire bar, which allows for complex tunings for the more advanced player, whilst also offering an alternative to difficult chord fingerings for a beginner.

We’ve picked out the cheapest option, coming in at just $10 on Amazon. There are more expensive options available, but this is a gift for a guitarist you don’t want to spend $50 on.

4. Guitar Care Kit, $16

Best Gifts For Guitar Players Under $50
(Credit: Amazon.com)

Much like humans, every once in a while a guitar needs a bit of TLC, which is what the MusicNomad Guitar Care Kit delivers.

This mini kit contains fretboard oil, which will help to hydrate and revitalize the wood of your fretboard, Ultraglide string cleaner, which lubricates and removes any dead skin and dirt accumulated in the grooves of the string, and of course a guitar polish so that your guitar can once again look as good as new.

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FACT: A guitarist friend has been using this product for a while after getting it once as a gift. They love the fretboard oil, saying it makes fretboards feel smoother and more comfortable to play on – plus it apparently improves the lifespan of a guitar. Best of all, it only costs $16 on Amazon.

3. Saramonic Smart Rig II, $49

Best Gifts For Guitar Players Under $50
(Photo: Amazon.com)

This is a guitar gadget that can really benefit someone looking to record good quality sound, without splashing out on high-end recording software.

This product plugs into the Headphone Jack of most phones, enabling you to connect your guitar directly to your phone so that you can record directly to it, using any apps for effects that you like.

In addition, it can also be used to record sound from a microphone, due to the fact that it also packs a 48 Volt phantom power supply. This makes this $49 Amazon gadget the perfect gift for a singer-songwriter looking to record a quick Idea on the go.

2. Pick-a-Palooza DIY Guitar Pick Punch, $26

Best Gifts For Guitar Players Under $50
(Photo: Amazon.com)

In terms of cool guitar-related gifts, this could easily be #1 on this list. Picks are a guitar player’s best friend, yet they are also one of the most easily lost pieces of plastic to ever exist. So why not give them the ability to punch picks with whatever they please?

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Available on Amazon for just $26, this unique tool gives your friend the ability to punch picks with ease using a variety of different everyday items, including gift cards, blister packs, cardboard, and even bank cards – providing you have no further use for them.

Not only is this a gift of convenience – but it also helps save money (on lost picks) and time (trying to find lost picks) in the future.

1. Getaria Wireless Guitar Transmitter And Receiver, $37

Best Gifts For Guitar Players Under $50
(Photo: Amazon.com)

For some, jammin’ out to their favorite tunes is not always an easy feat when wires and cables litter the floor creating an obstacle course. Trying to hit every note in that AC/DC solo without accidentally tripping becomes one challenge too far.

Although this issue is what led to the creation of Angus Young’s “Spasm” move, every guitarist would be in agreement that they would rather this distraction not happen. And for $37 on Amazon, you can make the guitarist in your life very happy.

The Getaria wireless guitar transmitter and receiver eliminates these problems by providing a wireless connection between your guitar, and whatever the other end of it is plugged into, up to a range of 30 meters.

What’s more, you can purchase several of these if you have the pocket for it, and connect up to six different receivers, which is great if you like to record your playing, or use effects pedals whilst also hearing yourself through an amplifier or speaker. This is the best guitar gadget going and a worthy #1 on our gifts for guitar players list.

In Conclusion

Perfect for any level of skill and experience, these 5 gifts for guitar players are readily available at Amazon, as well as across the internet, giving you a variety of purchasing options for the perfect gift – under-$50. So next time, don’t panic buy them socks with guitars on.