7 Strongest Alcoholic Drinks In The World

Strongest Alcoholic Drinks
Credit: Cocktailmarler / Wiki Commons

When it comes to the strongest alcoholic drinks in the world, only one thing matters – the ABV percentage. This represents its potency, how quickly it’ll get you drunk, and most relevant, how quickly you’ll end up in hospital having your stomach pumped.

Yet, some foolishly look at ABV as a test of their own drinking prowess – while others have it as some checkpoint on a bucket list. For both, please know that these seven drinks are dangerous and their on-label warnings should be taken seriously.

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However, before the list…

What does ABV mean?

When you see ABV related to bottled or canned alcohol, it means Alcohol By Volume. This lets you know the percentage of alcohol in the product overall. The higher the percentage, the more alcohol it contains (and the more dangerous it is).

These are the seven most alcoholic drinks in the world:

7. Sunset Rum, 84.5%

Strongest Alcoholic Drinks
(Photo: sunsetrum.com)

Sunset Rum is one of the most popular and robust rums in the world:

It ranks as one of the strongest liquors in the world, with 84.5% ABV. It is an over-proof white rum, and like other strong drinks, it should not be taken neat.

It costs around $21 for a 750ml bottle and is widely available online.

6. Good ol’ Sailor Vodka, 85%

Good ol’ Sailor Vodka is the most loved vodka in Sweden but it’s hardly known in the rest of the world.

With 85% of pure alcohol, Good ol’ Sailor Vodka needs a hell of a liver to be consumed on a regular basis.

Along with its strength, the vodka has a fruity smell and a spicy aftertaste. And, it is the first Swedish vodka to come in an environmentally friendly PET bottle.

5. Balkan, 88%

Strongest Alcoholic Drinks
(Photo: thedrinkshop.com)

Balkan comes packed with 88% alcohol:

It is a tasteless, colorless, and odorless drink that is best known for its ABV potency – and this is why a bottle of Balkan comes with 13 different health warnings.

This vodka is produced in Serbia and is distilled three times before packing. The triple distillation helps reduce the effect but still, Balkan should never be consumed neat.

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4. Pincer Vodka, 88.8%

Strongest Alcoholic Drinks
(Photo: thewhiskyexchange.com)

Number 4 on the most alcoholic drinks in the world list is Pincer Vodka. It is 88.8% alcohol and comes from Scotland.

Pincer is infused with the flavor of wild elderflower and milk thistle. It is a creamy herbal vodka that comes from the mountain waters of Scotland.

Jonathan Engels, a former architect from Inverurie, Scotland, first launched the Pincer vodka in 2006. The taste of Pincer gives a hint of sweetness with a slightly syrupy mouthfeel.

3. Bruichladdich X4+1 Quadrupled Whiskey, 92%

Bruichladdich is the third strongest drink in the world with 92% alcohol and when it comes to single malt whiskeys, X4+1 is the strongest in this field.

While this quadrupled whiskey is distilled four times to reach 92%, it is often reduced to between 50% and 70% when bottled. This is because of its otherwise lethal potency.

2. Everclear, 95%

Strongest Alcoholic Drinks
(Photo: luxco.com)

There is a debate over whether Everclear is the strongest drink in the world. This is because this grain spirit contains 95% alcohol, which is only a few points less than #1 on this list:

Everclear is odorless, colorless, and tasteless. American Spirit company Luxco is the main manufacturer of this drink.

1. Spriytus Reftyfikowany, 95.6%

Strongest Alcoholic Drinks
(Photo: thewhiskyexchange.com)

Spriytus Reftyfikowany is a vodka from Poland that is sometimes sold as 95.6% ABV. Which is only 0.6% above Everclear:

This drink, like others on this list, comes with a health warning and is sometimes used as a base liqueur.

It should never be drunk neat as it is the strongest alcoholic drink in the world.