Skillshare vs CreativeLive: Which Learning Platform Is Better?

Skillshare vs CreativeLive
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Online learning platforms can be a wonderful way of learning – if you find the right course. The two platforms we will be pitted against each other are SkillShare vs CreativeLive.

Both offer a flexible learning experience. Where users can learn at their own pace and at a time of their own choosing. But which one is the better investment of time and money?

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How does Skillshare Work?

SkillShare was started in 2010. Around the same time as CreativeLive. However, both platforms grew differently. SkillShare took a more expansive view to grow its platform and offers more than 35,000+ courses.

The reason that SkillShare has such a large pool of courses is that almost anyone can upload their own course. This is why you can find a course on almost anything on SkillShare, from programming to guitar lessons.

SkillShare is more affordable as well, the cheapest package starts at just $13 per month. Which is way more affordable than CreativeLive.

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How does CreativeLive work?

CreativeLive was founded by Chase Jarvis and Craig Swanson in 2010. The first thing you will notice about CreativeLive is how well made every lesson is. This is mostly because Chase himself is a photographer and he really cares about the aesthetic and production quality.

CreativeLive includes 1500 lessons on their platform by 700 different instructors. At first, this may seem like a bad thing. However, the reason CreativeLive has such a small number of courses is that not everyone can create a course. Top-tier instructors are curated to upload courses. This ensures that every lesson is of the highest quality.

CreativeLive reports that they have over 10 million students taking their courses.

In terms of cost, you can either subscribe for $39 per month or pay yearly at $299. You can also buy each course individually; which can cost between $17 and $199.

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Skillshare vs CreativeLive

SkillShare is less curated than CreativeLive. This can be good and bad. The good is that there are more courses on a variety of different topics. The bad is that not all Skillshare courses are made equally in terms of quality.

It is also important to note that CreativeLive solely focuses on lessons that improve specific skills, like stress management, personal finance, and writing. This means if you are looking for a specific course, for example, a course on programming, you won’t find it on CreativeLive.

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If you want a broad library of courses and don’t mind stumbling across the occasional bad experience, Skillshare is a more affordable option.

Yet, if you are serious about a topic and CreativeLive offers a course on the subject, pick that platform first. Not only will the course be of the highest standard, at $39 each month it isn’t a huge price for premium learning.

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