5 Best Freelancing Websites To Use In 2023

Best Freelancing Websites
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It has never been easier to be a digital nomad and work from home. This is where freelance websites come in; these websites connect people that need work done hassle-free.

These are the 5 best freelancing websites for both clients looking to find quality help and freelancers to find quality work to do:

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5. Freelancer

Freelancer is very blunt with their name, and it’s very clear what they do. It is an Australian-based company that specializes in providing freelancing talent to employers looking for extra help.

Freelancers use a bidding mechanism. This is where the employer or buyer posts a project, they state how much they can pay, and how much time they want that project to run for — and then sellers or freelancers bid with their proposals.

Freelancers can then submit counter bids for the project. Freelancer is a seller’s market, with every big being public, which makes it a race to the bottom with Freelancers undercutting each other. Which in turn creates a lot of spam per project. This is why Freelancer is at the end of our list.

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4. Guru

Guru is another fantastic freelancing platform. Guru.com is a US-based company that can trace its routes back to 1998. It was founded in San Francisco as an online clearinghouse for high-tech workers looking to work on short-term contracts. This website would bridge the gap between tech-based companies in the area looking to hire expert help on a short-term basis.

Now it has grown into one of the largest freelancing platforms on the internet. Employers can directly look for freelancers offering their services and glance through their work portfolios before hiring them. It’s a great way to find reliable freelancers to hire for short-term contract projects.

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3. People Per Hour

People Per Hour is one of the oldest players in the freelancing game. The company was founded in 2007 to help businesses connect with freelancers that could add value to their business.

People Per Hour starts with a Buyer or a client making a detailed project offering. Where the Buyer, which is the person looking to hire people, details all the things they expect the Freelancer to do. Once the project is posted, People Per Hour curates these projects and shows them to a select group of freelancers based on their skills and proficiency. 

After that, Freelancers can send quotes to the buyers in a sort of bidding war. The Buyer finally chooses the person he wants to assign the work. To date, People Per Hour has solved over 1 million problems and paid over £100 million to their freelancers.

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2. Upwork

Upwork is another American-based freelancing platform. It is a relatively new company to the freelancing game, as it only started in 2015. But it does have roots in other similar companies as far back as 1999.

Upwork works similarly to Freelancer but does a better job. It uses a similar bid-type system where the buyers submit a project with all the details and a price range. However, all freelancer bids are hidden.

Upwork uses a connected system to limit spam. These are basically points on a platform that you use up when applying for a project. If the project ends without someone being hired or your response to an interview, you get your points back. If the Buyer doesn’t hire you and hires someone else, you lose the points.

You can either buy more points or wait for Upwork to give you free points at the end of each month.

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1. Fiverr

At the top of this list is the Israeli-based freelancing platform, Fiverr:

Fiverr uses a similar system to Guru, where buyers or clients can browse through ‘Gigs’ of sellers or freelancers. The clients then approach the seller they like, and then they can work out the details of the project.

Fiver is a very convenient system for both buyers and sellers. Buyers don’t have to scroll through dozens of proposals for their posted projects, and sellers can just passively wait for new clients to approach them.

Fiverr.com is a great platform for anyone starting out in the freelancing scene.

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