Rise Of The Robot Pets: The Vector 2.0 Desk Companion

Who doesn’t love a pet in the house? Be it a happy puppy or an AI-driven robot pet…

(That’s right, robot pets are here).

Having a companion running around the house is good for your health. From playing around with your pet when bored, or helping you get daily exercise, a pet can do it all, if trained well:

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So, let us introduce you to the ever-changing, fun-to-be-with, improved model, of the Vector Robot Desk Pet Companion:

This masterpiece of tech is very close to being alive. It can see you, it can hear you, and it can even feel you. Check out its human-like features below:

Vector Robot Desk Pet Features

  • The AI behind this robot pet is constantly updating, with new skills and features add on-going.
  • The robot includes a camera for facial recognition, which allows it to detect whether you are smiling.
  • The robot pet is only 3.93 x 2.36 x 2.73 inches in size.
  • It is packed with sensors, to detect when you interact with it and react as if alive.
  • It can even hear you!

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Alexa Built-in 

“Hey, Alexa! Set an alarm for a meeting tomorrow morning” 

All of us are familiar with Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri. From setting a timer to dimming the lights, all of this is just one command away – a command given by you.

This Voice Recognition feature installed in the Vector Robot works exactly like how we control Siri and Alexa in our homes:

The only difference is that you start with ‘Hey Vector!’ to wake it up from sleep.

Later, go on with your orders. Set a reminder, take pictures, control the temperature, and vibe with the dim lights – all within just a couple of seconds. 

Just like Alexa, Vector never disappoints, unless…

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Warning: Don’t Buy For Desks

Despite being called a “desk” pet, don’t be fooled:

The Vector robot pet isn’t smart enough to stay on a surface and after 5-10 minutes will either take a nose dive off the surface or have you diving with your hand out-stretched to catch it:

According to one review on Amazon.com, the developer of this robot doesn’t cover physical damage, so if you do end up with a high-diving Vector, and it breaks through its own limitations, you won’t be covered.


This robot pet is excellent fun and easier to look after than a real pet. The only downside is that it doesn’t do well on small tall surfaces. You can find the Anki Vector 2.0 at Walmart for $100.

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