10 Best Lightsabers for Dueling

Best Lightsabers for Dueling
Best Lightsabers for Dueling

The Star Wars franchise is one of the biggest franchises in the world. Set in a galaxy far, far away and in the future, Star Wars features incredible lore that spans over several years with action packed adventures. One such feature that it has that fans everywhere want to get their hands on are Lightsabers.

These weapons are some of the most unique weapons in science fiction worlds. And whether you’re trying to display one in your collection, or complete a cosplay, having the best Lightsaber for dueling is one of the many things that you need to keep focus on when purchasing a Lightsaber.

Of course, you can find one at Walmart for a cheap price for kids, but spending a bit more money on something perfect is essential to making your cosplay convincing or impress friends that come see your collection. These are some of the best Lightsabers for dueling and where to get them.

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What are Lightsabers?

Lightsabers are from the Star Wars science fiction universe and is a sword whose blade is in the form of a laser, or powerful bean of light, and is used by Jedi Knights. These are dangerous weapons that are used in dueling, along with Blasters, which shoot out lasers at enemies.

What are the Most Famous Lightsabers in Star Wars?


There are several iconic characters when it comes to the Star Wars universe. Whether you’re watching the spinoff shows that dive deeper into the lore like The Mandalorian or the Book of Boba Fett, or you’re watching the original movies, there is a lot to learn. Don’t forget the comics and books that go with it as well. But out of all of them, which characters have some of the most famous and iconic lightsabers?

Of course, one has to be Darth Vader’s Red lightsaber. The main antagonist within the original movies is an iconic Star Wars character in itself, from the deep breathing and the helmet. But his lightsaber is one that many fans can recognize easily.

In line with the original trilogy, we’ll also need to talk about Luke Skywalker’s Green lightsaber. You can’t have the good without the bad. These two are some of the most iconic characters, and so are the weapons they use.

And of course, lastly, a personal favorite just purely on design, Kylo Ren’s Red Crossguard lightsaber. It’s a glorious weapon that is truly deadly, representing the abundance of evil with the character. It’s a crazy looking blade that deserves some recognition.

Best Lightsabers for Dueling

10. YDD LED Light Up Saber Force FX, $69

The Saber Force FX is a 38-inch-long lightsaber specifically designed for individuals who want to duel with it.

It has a metal handle and a flexible, yet firm wrapping around the polycarbonate blade. This could be taken as a positive or negative for role-players, but the blade will show wear and tear. Yet, bumps and scratches won’t stop the lightsaber from impressing.

The only concern is that the heat shrink tube tip may come off in the middle of a duel. Additionally, when you swing it or strike things with it, it makes sound effects. Finally, the blade and handle are detachable, it comes with the necessary tools and bolts to loosen or tighten them as needed.

9. 2 in 1 Dueling Lightsaber Oomyeh, $69.95


What’s better than just one terrifying lightsaber? Two! Not only is this a great deal, but it makes you a formattable foe against others, which is an intimidation factor in itself.

The 2 in 1 dueling set has alloy handles, 15 colors and 3 modes, making it the perfect fit for both kids wanting to battle it out, or cosplayers preparing for their next duel. You can either ruse them separately or connect them together. A single saber is 31 inches, which is a decent size as it, but with both combined, you’ll be someone to fear for sure.

The saber also uses the latest one-end two-plug charging cable with an 1800 mAh battery. The charge takes about 3 hours but gives continuous use for 48 hours, one of the longest lasting sabers on the list today.

8. Adawlert’s Duel Lightsaber, $69.99

Are you looking for a metal RGB Force FX lightsaber? Look no further than Adawlert. It offers many fantastic features that set it apart from the rest of the pack. And best of all, it is a long-lasting product from the grip to the light blade.

It has RGB lighting, which is one of its distinguishing qualities. You can change the hue of the lightsaber’s light flash by pressing the button on its grip. Overall, these effects will make dueling with this weapon more enjoyable.

In the handle of the FX lightsaber is a 2000 mAh lithium-ion battery. When it runs out of juice, you’ll have to wait 4 hours for it to recharge using the provided charger. It’s also detachable, making long-term maintenance easy.

If you desire to utilize a dual-ended saber, the supplied groove in the handle can be used. It’s as simple as screwing both ends of the handles together if you buy two of the same lightsaber. The lightsaber can then be activated, giving you a dual-ended saber. The only downside to this lightsaber is that it does not come with a case.

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7. CVCBSER FX Dueling Lightsaber, $99.99


With sound and light effects, this has everything you need to have an amazing duel with friends. It has 12 sound effects, 3 light effects, 3 volume settings. One sound example is a real blaster sound which is super sensitive, louder and brighter.

By combining special combat sound effects with flash modes, the saber brings a realistic experience when in combat. It even has motion control that lets you turn on or off the blade just by pushing and pulling, twisting and swinging.

There are even 16 colors that you can change it to so you’re able to become whichever Jedi knight you want to be. The hilt of the saber is made of metal aluminum but be wary that even with a great blade like this, rough combat could damage it still.

Some cons about this product are that you’ll need to practice using it, because it has several sounds and effects that you’ll want to make sure not to accidentally turn off the saber while in combat and learn how to wield it properly.

6. Ultra Sabers Dark Initiate V2 Lightsaber, $100

Ultra sabers

If you’re looking for a company that creates lightsabers and can even customize to make the perfect match for you, then check out Ultra Sabers. They specialize in combat lightsabers and even have a whole section just for building your own lightsaber.

However, they also offer premade ones if you’re rather just find one and call it good. The Dark Initiate V2, which is just a black version of their best-selling product, the Initiate V2. It’s made of machined aluminum for great durability, with machined grooves, enlarged thoracic switch housing and a reinforced emitter.

While this saber might not be as durable as some of the rest that will be listed, it’s still a great looking and one of the best lightsabers for dueling.

5. X-TREXSABER Motion Control Heavy Dueling Lightsaber, $119.99


Moving up on the price tag we have the motion control heavy dueling lightsaber. It’s definitely still one of the more affordable options if you’re wanting a high-quality lightsaber that is great for dueling. With the motion control and blade light effects, this is an interactive experience.

You can quickly switch various functions by twisting the handle, which can help change around the style and tone of battles. This also has multiple functions so it’s perfect for kids as well as adults. From sensitive swing sounds to simulate realistic scenes of lightsaber dueling, this is a saber that will have fans geeking over.

It has a 2000mAh rechargeable battery that works for up to 5 hours, and only takes 4 hours to fully charge, allowing you ample use when dueling or cosplaying. It also has various colors to let you change up your scene or characters. While it’s meant for heavier dueling, it still is possible to get damaged when playing roughly.

4. Neosabers Eagle FX Saber, $141


Neosabers create Neopixel lightsabers, which are custom lightsabers composed of bright flexible neopixel LED strips running along the length of the blade and features RGB color changing customization.

Beside the blade, they feature a premium Xenopixel soundboard with smooth swing, Flash on Clash, 9-12 premium sounds and long lasting batteries as well as many more features. And they are also responsible for a few listing on the best lightsabers for dueling.

The Eagle FX saber is a great choice if you want to customize while having unparalleled durability of intense dueling. This saber is perfect for those that are skilled duelists and want to take their passion to a new level. It has a sleek aluminum hilt with an optional wraparound band, as well as perfect immersion with the sound effects and features. You can pick a blade length between 66cm to 92cm.

3. Neosabers Black Squadron, $184


Another Neosaber pick, Black Squadron is their number one best lightsaber for dueling. It’s described as the perfect blend of customization and durability that will ignite your inner Jedi.

It has vibrant illumination, robust construction and give users an immersive Star Wars experience, making it a must for Star Wars fans everywhere. It features 12 RGB color options, a sturdy metal hilt for moderate to heavy dueling, several effects and features that create an immersive experience and more.

For those that want to create the perfect saber for their character, Neosaber does a great job at letting you customize what you need. For example, you have the option between 72cm to 92cm length blade, with several difference finishes and variations to give you the best finishing touches on any cosplay.

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2. Combat Saber – Model Hunter, $194.50

Padawan Outpost

Padawan Outpost is yet another site that works on custom sabers that reach the highest of quality to make you duel ready. They have a selection of just base lit, xenopixel and proffie sabers, with the latter reaching upwards to $250 just starting out.

They pride themselves in creating some of the most realistic and durable lightsabers for those that want to just display, cosplay or duel with others. Their middle-road lightsaber is just their combat sabers that reach around $190, but still gives you the option to customize more if you want.

With a 36-inch blade, USB-C charging and a battery that’s easily removable, the combat saber is a sleek and slim design that will have you hunting for a duel at any change you can get.

1. Replica: OBW Neopixel Saber, $479.99

And lastly, one of the finest selections of replica sabers that are duel-ready are from Kyberlight, who prides themselves in not only customizable sabers, but even creates Star Wars replicas that are fit for the battlefield.

This is the perfect option for the collectors out there. And of course, when it comes to replicas, the price will always reach higher than the rest. Their replicas usually sit at around $450 and above, with their prized replica being OBW Neopixel Saber, which has 16 sound fonts, 9 colors, 9 blade effects and 9 boot effects.

There are several features that are listed and shown on the video above, giving you the full view on why this saber is truly a must for fans everywhere.

How to Choose a Dueling Lightsaber?


Picking out a lightsaber can be troublesome if you’re trying to find one good enough to withstand a battle. Thankfully, there are a few tricks and tips to look out for when checking out which is the best option. Picking a brand with high-quality products and material is the best choice.

If the hilt is made out of great quality, you’ll most likely have a more durable weapon. Having a thick-walled or heavy-grade blade is another way to make sure that when your blade clashes with another for that iconic sound, there isn’t too much of damage.

Of course, hitting the blade hard enough will always cause some damage, but you can still try to get some with better structure. Avoid grabbing any lightsabers that seem thin or made out of lighter, midgrade material.

RGB lightsabers tend to do the best mostly because they are hollow inside the blade, so if any damages are done, there are no lasting damages to the inner workings.

What Makes Lightsabers So Expensive?

The main reason why lightsabers can be so expensive is simply because of the material used to craft the item. For most lightsabers, you’re dealing with various plastics, lights, sounds, chargeable batteries and more. It takes quite a bit of money to craft such a saber.

When you’re working with higher-quality blades, then you’ll start getting more aluminum or better lights with various more options and functions. The better the material you’re wanting, the higher the price. And of course, when crafting something like a replica, the time and effort alone to make sure every detail is the same as what you might see in the movies is reason enough to pay such a high amount.


Lightsabers are a great item to collect if you’re a die-hard Star Wars fans but can also be a great item to splurge on if you’re a cosplayer or duelist. Either way, these are some of the best lightsabers for dueling if you’re looking to invest some decent cash for a durable creation.

And most of them you’re able to customize, making sure that you have the perfect item to spruce up your cosplay or collection or game room. Star Wars is one of the biggest franchises, and their collectible options are ever expanding, so might as well splurge while you can on some of the best lightsabers.

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