Ranking The Razor Crest From “The Mandalorian” vs. Other Spaceships

Razor Crest
Credit: Disney / Lucasfilm

If you have watched The Mandalorian and are up-to-date on seasons, you’ll know the fate of his Razor Crest spaceship. With it now part of Star Wars lore and history, we looked to rank it compared to all the spaceships ever to have existed – not just in the Star Wars universe.

This turned into a slugfest of opinion. Being huge science fiction fans, we originally weighed up power, speed, and realism, but after hours of debate, we decided to simplify. Instead, we’ve ranked the Razor Crest on one value: how cool it would be to be part of its crew, or even pilot if Din Djarin had his feet up.

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There are some big omissions, like Gunstar from The Last Starfighter. Our ranking only includes spaceships you can watch now via streaming services. So buckle up and set your swiping finger to warp speed. It’s time to find out where The Mandalorian‘s Razor Crest ranks.

10. Starbug, Red Dwarf (1988), Britbox

Starbug is weird, green, and looks like a toy gone wrong. That summary perfectly sums up Red Dwarf, a politically incorrect science-fiction comedy series from the BBC. Just one look at the spaceship and you instantly know what you’re in for, madness! And that would be super cool for one ride at least.

9. Firespray Gunship (formerly Slave I), Star Wars, Disney Plus

Once upon a time, Boba Fett’s Firespray Gunship would have topped this list. However, the prequels, The Mandalorian, and The Book of Boba Fett did well, and that was to remove the intrigue surrounding the famous bounty hunter. It’s a cool ship, but now that the mystery is gone, it’s mostly nostalgia keeping it relevant (for us).

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8. Cylon Raider, Battlestar Galactica (2004), USA Network

I know the Cylons are humanity’s enemy, but in terms of cool-looking ships, the Cylon Raider is hot. What makes this top 10 is that, if you’re a cybernetic-biological entity piloting one of these spaceships, if destroyed, you will be resurrected. How freaking cool.

7. The Razor Crest, The Mandalorian (2019), Disney Plus

Our initial ranking of The Mandalorian spaceship puts the Razor Crest at No. 7. The ship appeared to be one of the stars of the show, which adds to the cool factor. What makes it an instant top 10, though, is that you can chill with Baby Yoda if you’re one of the crew. Anyone who doesn’t want to be on the Razor Crest for that reason alone is crazy.

6. Serenity, Firefly (2002), Hulu

Nathan Fillion is just cool and hanging out like an outlaw on the Serenity with the man would be nerd heaven. Granted, it wouldn’t have the comedy of Red Dwarf or the cuteness of Baby Yoda, but you’d be in the original science fiction Wild West and that’s even better.

5. Flight of the Navigator spacecraft (1986), Disney Plus

The ship with no name looks as fun today as it ever did. The reflective surface, the morphing steps, bizarre critters, and the AI alien computer makes it one of the coolest places to be. Flight of the Navigator is definitely one of the best ’80s movies on Disney+.

4. USS Enterprise, Star Trek (2009), FuboTV

The original USS Enterprise was great, but the 2009 movie reboot and sequels made it look spectacular. The USS Enterprise is now one of the coolest ships, with some of the best characters, and definitely one of the better science-fiction series you can watch today.

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3. The Millennium Falcon, Star Wars (1997), Disney Plus

Most would have put the Millennium Falcon first in this ranking featuring The Mandalorian spaceship Razor Crest. It was definitely one of the most amazing spaceships, but its great characters and adventures have been weakened by some of the latest movies. Desperate attempts to cling onto nostalgia and fans have diminished how cool it really is. For instance, imagine being stuck on it with porgs.

2. The Milano, Guardians of the Galaxy (2014), Disney Plus

The Milano is fun, quirky, and cool. Star-Lord and his crew are some of the top characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The fact they share a single ship, which constantly has great music playing, just makes being on board that much better. Plus Chris Pratt and Co. seem like they know how to have a good time.

1. Tie Fighter, Star Wars (1977), Disney Plus

It’s the sound of that high-pitched science fiction whistle: memorable and iconic. The Tie Fighter is the coolest spaceship and at no point have its bumbling pilots ruined credibility. Imagine flying one of these and being on the wing of Darth Vader. It would be the ultimate (albeit brief) spaceflight experience.