5 Most Expensive Restaurants In The World

Most Expensive Restaurants
Credit: Free-Photos / pixabay.com

Anything above $100 for a meal out makes us feel faint. So, dining at any of the worlds most expensive restaurants is never going to happen for us:

(Unless we win the lottery of course).

So, looking at these super-expensive, fashionable, dining experiences is as close as we’re going to get…

Check out the videos for each of the top-5 most expensive restaurants below and tell us on Facebook about your top dining experience is.

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SubliMotion opened in 2014 in Ibiza, Spain, and is the most high-end restaurant in the world:

Ibiza is a small Balearic Island surrounded by booming nightclubs and casinos. This is where two-star chefs, Roca and Roncero have created a menu that will cost you at least $2,000 per head.

Along with the highest quality food, the restaurant pushes the dining experience, from choreographed service to art, technology, and illusion.


Shanghai-based Ultraviolet is known because of chef Paul Pairet. Pairet owns a lot of luxury restaurants:

Ultraviolet focuses on amazing displays of visuals, sounds, and scents. Everything from the color, temperature, and music of the restaurant all combine to make an enhanced effect on the food.

Dining at Ultraviolet costs around $900 per person, without tips and taxes.

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Kitcho Arashiyama Honten

Kitcho Arashiyama Honten is in Kyoto, Japan. It isn’t super high-tech or attempting to dazzle with a futuristic experience. Instead, its fame (and expense) comes from the Kaiseki menu:

Kitcho Arashiyama Honten is a family-run business that is built on traditions. While eating at Kitcho you are not only paying for the world’s highest quality food but to be a part of the history of Kitcho.

The restaurant serves 10 courses of perfection, cooked by chefs with three Michelin stars, and costs around $600 per person.


New York-based Masa is one of the top five restaurants on the planet. It specializes in exotic seafood, serving up some of the best sushi money can buy.

The restaurant is named after its head chef Masa who learned sushi from the sushi master, Sugiyama Toshiaki.

On the website, it reads “Masa is shibui”, which the site defines as “Refined beauty that isn’t affected by time or social changes. Shibui is never complicated or contrived. Purity of being, of living, of sensing is inherent in all elements of the Masa experience.”

Masa costs $600 per person.

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Geranium is based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Chef Rasmus Kofoed, winner of the 2011 Bocuse d’Or is the star at the three-starred Michelin restaurant:

(The only three-starred restuarant in Denmark).

Like all others on this list, the Geranium serves up the highest quality food and has branched off with its sister restaurant Angelika, which serves up only plant-based food.

Food per person can cost around $400. And, if you like wine tasting, expect to pay far more, as wine table service can cost up to $2,000 per person.

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