5 Most Expensive Jeans: From Vintage Levi’s to Secret Circus

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Paying $50 bucks for a pair of jeans makes us squirm. Yet, some people are willing to pay massive amounts for vintage and famed brands:

These are the most expensive jeans, so buckle those Levi’s and strap in because fashion hunters chasing clothing on this list will have to pay four figures and up.

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5. APO Jeans, $4,000

APO, also known as Alpha Phi Omega, is a brand that uses metals and gems to make its products stand out from some of the competition:

Their jeans are made with the best fabrics, including silk pockets and gold, silver, or platinum rivets. Every pair comes with a certificate of authenticity, specifically stating the precious metals and gems used in its manufacturing.

The price of a pair of APO Jeans depends on consumer customization. However, the average price falls somewhere around $4,000, putting a pair of these at #5 on the list.

4. Escada Custom Made Jeans, $10,000

Escada provides a service where you can have custom-made jeans:

The company started making jeans in 1978 and has a cache of experience, which helps them make perfect customized jeans… at a premium price.

A pair of Escada Custom-made Jeans ranks #4 on this list, as a customer asked for custom-made jeans with Swarovski crystals sewn in.

This particular pair of jeans were sold for $10,000, becoming one of the most expensive pairs of jeans in the world.

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3. Levi Strauss & Co. Jeans, $60,000

Levi Strauss & Co. Jeans are the largest maker of pants in the world, and they have a huge history in the industry:

Levis Strauss created its famous logo in 1853 and their jeans are still among the most famous brands available.

And it is because of this history that vintage Levis are worth huge sums of money today:

One pair of Levi Jeans from 1800 was sold in an auction for $60,000, making it the third most expensive pair of jeans in the world.

2. Dussault Apparel Trashed Denim, $250,000

Dussault Apparel Trashed Denim create the second most expensive pair of jeans in the world, costing $250,000:

Every piece of Dussault Apparel Trashed Denim is washed at least 13 times before entering the formal process of manufacturing that ends with the creation of fashionably distressed denim jeans.

However, the price of Dussault Apparel Trashed Jeans is $250,000 because of the gems and precious metals used. The jeans include a diamond, two rubies, and gold in their design.

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1. Secret Circus, $1.3-million

Secret Circus Jeans are the most expensive jeans in the world:

Prices vary, but the most expensive will cost you $1.3 million. They come in several designs and styles, each with a unique jewel.

It is obvious, Secret Circus jeans are all about the bling, however, their jeans are made of the highest quality fabrics. Specifically made to create high-end fashion.


For us, vintage Levi’s are interesting:

They have history and origin stories with meaning. Salvaging and owning such items makes sense from our collectors’ mindset.

In comparison, gemstones and precious metals fastened into jeans are something we don’t understand and clearly for the rich and famous:

As collectors, we’d prefer to have those precious metals and gemstones in a safe, rather than on our backsides. Fashionistas we are not.

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