5 Vintage Horror Movie Posters Worth More Than My House

Vintage Horror Movie Posters, Unsplash

My wife loves horror movies. I love movie posters. You’d think vintage horror movie posters would be our jam, but it’s not. She hates the humungous size of one-sheets (27×41 inches) and in all honesty, we don’t have space in our small three-bedroom house to do them justice.

The reason I mention this house is because of the ever-increasing value of vintage horror movie posters. You see, this house is valued at about $135,000, depending on which real estate agent you ask. What follows is a list of vintage horror movie posters that I would have to remortgage to own!

(For those wondering, the purpose of this post is to prove that a mint vintage 1987 The Lost Boys poster, costing $550 is a good idea).

5. Mad Doctor (1933), $138,000

Credit: Heritage Auctions

4. The Invisible Man (1933), $223,000

Credit: Heritage Auctions

3. Frankenstein (1931), $358,500

Credit: Heritage Auctions

2. London After Midnight (1927), $478,000

Credit: Heritage Auctions

1. Metropolis (1927), $690,000

Credit: Metropolis / Parafamet

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