10 Celebrities with Top Guitar Collections

Top Guitar Collections, Credit Unsplash
Credit Unsplash

Collections take a lot of time, effort, and money. For celebrities, they have extra money which makes their collections a lot more extravagant than most. These celebrities have worked hard to have some of the top guitar collections.

Whether it’s their love for the instrument in general, or just because they play so many of them on stage, these celebrities have invested in building their collection, and even working hard to auction it off for a good cause. To check out who has the top guitar collection, keep reading.

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10. Kiefer Sutherland

Credit: liveauctions.com

9. Rick Nielson

Credit: metmuseum.org

8. Richard Gere

Credit: Christies

7. John Mayer

Credit: guitarlobby.com

6. Geddy Lee

Credit: mecum.com

5. Joe Bonamassa

Credit: flickr.com

4. Eric Clapton

Credit: bonhams.com

3. Bob Dylan

Credit: christies.com

2. Andrew Watt

Credit: equipboard.com

1. Keith Richards

Credit: guitarlobby.com

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