5 Rare Concert Tees That Are Worth A Small Fortune

rare concert tees

Concert tees are more than just a t-shirt. For a fan, it might be a personality statement, while a collector may prize the new addition to their collection. But, what makes a concert t-shirt valuable? There are three ingredients to what really drives a tour shirt’s value beyond age, authenticity, and condition. They are:

  • A limited-run concert shirt (promotional and not mass-produced).
  • A specific historic tour that the band was/is on.
  • A newsworthy event while on tour, or an event in the legacy of the band related to that tour.

Whether you enjoy wearing concert tees or displaying them in your house, these are five rare concert tees worth thousands of dollars.

5. Nirvana (1993), $7,000

rare concert tees

4. Led Zeppelin (1979), $7,500


3. The Rolling Stones (1976), $9,000


2. Run D.M.C. (1980s), $13,000


1. The Beatles (1970s), $20,000


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