Lenovo’s Second-Gen Foldable Screen Laptop Is A Giant Leap Forwards

X1 Fold gen-2 Folding Screen Laptop
Credit: Lenovo

Folding phones like Samsung’s Z-Flip and the Z-Fold have made the idea of folding-screen phones popular in the last four years. However, the same can’t be said about folding screen laptops:

Lenovo made one of the first folding screen laptops back in 2020, which had issues according to the reviewers and relatively few users that got their hands on this device.

The good news is that Lenovo used the feedback from users of the X1 Foldgen 1 to make improvements to the latest version of the device. The X1 Fold gen-2, which Lenovo announced recently, comes with improvements that will make tech fans optimistic about the idea of folding screen laptops.

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Screen Real Estate Improvements

One of the main issues with the previous generation was the reduced screen real estate when it was folded since one-half of the screen was used to attach the physical keyboard that comes with the device. Lenovo has now increased the screen size from 13.3 inches on the previous generation to 16.3 inches, a 22% increase in the screen’s surface area.

This increase makes the screen more usable even when it is folded. The larger screen (12 inches when folded) also means more room for a bigger keyboard since it is designed to be magnetically attached to the lower section of the screen when folded. That means the typing experience on this version is also way better than with the previous generation.

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Other Improvements And Price

Another improvement is that the screen has slightly smaller bezels, which make it look more modern. This device is also about 25% thinner, making it less chunky than the previous generation. Of course, it comes with intel’s latest 12th-gen core i5 and i7 chips, which significantly improved CPU and GPU performance.

As you might have guessed, this device won’t be cheap. It is expected to ship to customers this November, starting at $2,499. This price doesn’t include the stylus and the keyboard. With the previous gen, you had to pay an additional $250 if you wanted the keyboard and stylus. Lenovo will likely charge the same price for these two accessories.