Fetch Rewards App: The Easiest Way To Earn Free Gift Cards

That’s right, free gift cards!

At Nerdable we love freebies almost as much as gadgets and collectibles. And this is where the Fetch Rewards App comes in. All you need to do is scan receipts for money (or rewards).

You can even scan ereceipts or connect your Amazon account to earn free Amazon gift cards.

What Does Fetch Rewards Do With Your Data?

All of their data is aggregated into anonymous batches, preserving your privacy, while still allowing Fetch and their partners to gain useful insights into our shopping habits (how Fetch is free to you and still profitable). So, who cares if Fetch might know that I’m one of 10,000 people that bought hair dye.

The Reasons We’re Covering This App On Nerdable?

  1. It is free to download and use.
  2. At Nerdable, we link out to a lot of products, and this app is a great way to earn free Walmart gift cards (other stores available).
  3. Because my wife calls it one of the best cash back apps available.

So, if you have a smartphone and access to Google Play or the Apple Store, you should continue reading (that is if you like freebies).

What Rewards Can You Earn?

Gift cards and cashback.

But the bigger question is, are the rewards worth it? Well, by just snapping receipts you can earn free gift cards for Apple, Target, Amazon, Starbucks, and many more:

And who doesn’t love stuff from those stores?

This is what my wife has been using the Fetch Rewards App for… To cut down on gift card buying for birthdays. And I’m presuming this included the Amazon gift card I got for Valentine’s Day (who said romance was dead?).

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How Do You Earn Rewards?

I’m always dubious of such apps, however, when my wife showed me the value of gift cards she has racked up over the last 1.5 years, I was shocked:

Granted, my wife deliberately splits grocery shopping to get multiple (many multiples) receipts to max out her Fetch Rewards over periods of time. And at the checkout, that looks a little weird. However, when you look at the goals, it makes sense:

  • If you submit a receipt every day for 20-days, it is worth a $3 gift card,
  • And if you submit two receipts every day for 11-weeks, it is worth a $10 gift card.
  • Finally, if you submit four receipts every day for 15-weeks, it is worth a $25 gift card.

Additionally, my wife looks out for all the Fetch Rewards partnered brands, special offers, exclusive events, and pushes the app for referrals on everyone she bumps into:

According to my wife, if you really want to supercharge earning points, refer the app to friends and family. You will both get at least 2,000 points when they scan their first receipt. Look out for referral promotions where you can get 4,000+ points for referrals.

Over 16-months, she has managed to earn $160 worth of gift cards, and that was mostly during 2021, the year of lockdowns.

Gamifying Shopping

If you want to break it down further, a receipt is worth 25 points and 1,000 points are worth $1. However, if you meet the app’s goals, you get bonuses that make it more worthwhile.

And this is the only downside I’ve seen with the Fetch Rewards App, it makes shopping gamified.

Seriously, my wife is always thinking about how to max out her rewards when shopping. Yet, the $160 worth of gift cards makes each 5 minutes of madness at the checkout worthwhile (in my opinion).

How To Redeem Gift Cards?

It really is as simple as it looks to redeem a gift card. A few clicks and it is on its way. No strange hoops to jump through and my wife has had no issues to date.

Fetch Rewards App Credentials

It isn’t just my wife (and me) who are impressed by the Fetch Rewards App. Upon reviewing what other people think, we found these facts:

  • The Fetch Rewards App is the #1 rewards app in the U.S. with 13-million active users.
  • Since launching over 2-billion receipts have been snapped by users.
  • $340-million of rewards have been earned by shoppers from the app.
  • It was a top-10 shopping app in 2021.
  • The app has over 2-million 5-star reviews on Apple and Google stores.

Clearly, the app is incredibly popular.


If you want to earn free Amazon gift cards the Fetch Rewards App is perfect and is definitely Nerdable Recommended. Learn more about Fetch Rewards on the links below: