EVGA Replacing RTX Cards Broken By Amazon’s New World

Amazon's New World
Credit: Amazon Games

EVGA has confirmed that they will be replacing the RTX 3090 units that were bricked after people tried to run the open beta for Amazon’s New World:

What Is Amazon’s New World?

New World is an upcoming MMORPG being developed by Amazon Games, a subsidiary of the online retail giant Amazon Inc.

The game, New World is set in the 1600s, where players can colonize and explore a fictional version of the Americas.

Anticipation for this new MMORPG took a dark turn last week when players started reporting on various forums that the game’s closed beta had bricked their GPUs.

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Broken Expensive Graphic Cards

Horror stories of players losing their expensive GPUs started pouring out all over Reddit, and confused players tried to make a sense of it:

EVGA’s RTX 3090 weren’t the only GPUs that were affected. And this problem wasn’t linked to a particular manufacturer or brand. Just that, high-end graphics cards from various manufacturers were broken similarly.

GPUs like Radeon’s RX 6000 and Nvidia’s 3080Ti were also broken.

The Common Denominator

The common denominator for all players that were affected was that they tried running the New World closed beta.

Initially, Amazon made a statement stating that the game was safe to play and there was no indication that their game was responsible for breaking everyone’s GPUs.

And even after denying their game had anything to do with the issue, Amazon did release a patch to the closed beta that would cap the fps on the New Worlds menu screen.

The speculation within the community was that the issue was caused because of uncapped frame rates when players were at the menu screen.

And this was causing GPUs to draw too much power through their VRMs and subsequently killing the GPUs in the process.

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Restricting Frame Rates

In fact, this theory was further reinforced when players reported that after manually restricting their frame rates the game worked fine and didn’t fry their GPUs.

Since then, a customer service representative has addressed the issue in a post made on the official New World Forums (this post is no longer available).

It starts with some instructions on how to manually fix the issue. Then further down the post, Ironsmith_Albert(the customer rep) also put the contact details for EVGA for players that need to get their EVGA 3090s changed.

EVGA has confirmed publicly that they will be honoring then RMAs (Return Material Authorization) from players that own EVGA RTX 3090s.

The first batch of these RTX 3090s is being on a first come first basis. But EVGA has assured players they have available stock for now.

Amazon Remains Silent

Amazon still hasn’t come out and publicly accepted the problem was at their end. And with EVGA publicly acknowledging a problem does exist, puts more pressure on Amazon to come clean. 

And to be fair, it seems that EVGA cards have disproportionately been more affected by this bizarre bug in New Worlds’ closed beta than any other manufacturer.

So, it does make sense that EVGA is one of the first GPU manufacturers to publicly come out and announce that they will replace all the RTX 3090s that were affected.

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