3 Cheap iMac Deals Available Right Now On Amazon

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An Apple iMac is as much a fashion statement as it can be a top-of-the-line home computing powerhouse:

More often than not the biggest hurdles standing in the way of someone picking up a sleek Apple all-in-one is familiarity and price point.

However, with these 3 cheap iMac deals on Amazon.com, there is another reason to pick Apple:

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iMac (M1, 2021), $1,299

The brand new iMac M1 is only $1,200 on Amazon.com:

And one of its biggest changes is the move from Intel’s Pentium processor to Apple’s own M1. According to Apple, this switch has made the new iMac quicker than predecessors.

The M1 comes with a 24-inch 4.5k retina display as standard and is available in a host of colors.

This desktop comes in two distinct iterations to this iMac version, and both options feature a 24-inch 4.5K retina display with a memory that may extend up to 16GB RAM as well as an 8-core Processor. The only difference between the two iterations is the base model, where they feature different storage and ports.

Best deal: Available on Amazon at $1,299.

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iMac 27-inch (2020 Renewed), $1,349

Cheap iMac Deals
(Photo: Amazon.com)

If a 24-inch retina display isn’t big enough, you can still pick up the gorgeous-looking 27-inch iMac, powered by Intel’s Pentium CPU.

A 2020 model with 8GB of RAM, an i5 CPU, and 256GB of SSD storage can be picked up for $1,699 brand new. However, at $1700 we don’t consider it a cheap iMac deal:

Instead, we recommend looking to the pre-owned and renewed market, where the same specification 2020 iMac can be picked up for $350 less.

Best deal: Available on Amazon at $1,349.

iMac 21.5-inch (Refurbished), $470

Cheap iMac Deals
(Photo: Amazon.com)

The cheapest iMac option on this list is the 21.5-inch iMac. These smart-looking iMacs can be picked up for well below $1,000 if you shop around and are willing to buy refurbished:

This all-in-one’s come with traditional hard drives rather than SSD, older 7th generation Intel processors, and Intel Iris Plus Graphics. Which means they aren’t cut out for high-end tasks or next-gen gaming.

However, if you just want a good-looking home computer, perfect for internet browser, office work, and streaming, you can find a refurbished option for less than $500 on Amazon.

What is your favorite music streaming service?

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