The Best Derrick Henry Rookie Cards: Values and Collectability in 2023

credit usa today, Derrick Henry
credit usa today, Derrick Henry

As football season continues in earnest, players are showing off their superior skills against other teams, like NFL star Derrick Henry. In his eighth year playing in the NFL for the Tennessee Titans, Henry has no signs of slowing down on the field as a running back. His ability to get through tackles is unparalleled and sparks fans to follow his growth. If you are a collector, check out these amazing Derrick Henry rookie cards and try to add some of them to your growing NFL collection.

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Everything You Need to Know About Derrick Henry

Currently playing for the Tennessee Titans, Derrick Henry started out in college playing for the University of Alabama as a running back, which he continues to play to this day. Nicknamed “King Henry”, he is known for his intimidating “bell cow” style of play and larger stature than many of the other running backs in the league. This allows him to plow through and over defensive players, gaining the yards necessary for a first down, or even a touchdown. Since starting his career in 2016, Henry has gotten nearly 9,000 rushing yards, 82 touchdowns, and 145 receiving yards, making him dangerous both on the ground and in the air.

Are Derrick Henry Rookie Cards Valuable?

Not all Derrick Henry rookie cards are going to fetch thousands of dollars, but several still go for a couple of hundred dollars on bidding sites. The most valuable will go for up to $3,000, but you might like the design of a ten-dollar card better. There is a market for Henry’s rookie cards, and you’ll just have to research which card you want and where to find it for a reasonable price.

Most Valuable Derrick Henry Rookie Cards

Check out our top four picks for the most valuable Derrick Henry rookie cards:

4. Panini Contenders Autographed RC #351, $600-$1,000

Credit: eBay

Fans of autographed rookie cards gather around. This Panini Contenders Championship Ticket card is sharp to begin with, but with the signature at the bottom, the value only increases. Henry’s uniform does get a little lost in the similar darker background color, but he still looks pretty awesome in this action shot, most likely tearing down the field.

3. Panini National Treasures RPA/99 RC #112, $1,200

Credit: eBay

Though not directly a rookie card, this piece of memorabilia is super cool to have with your collection of Derrick Henry rookie cards. Contained in a cardboard case is a piece of Henry’s jersey, each one unique depending on where you buy it from. It also comes with a signature at the bottom, just adding to the value of the collectible.

2. Donruss Optic Rated Rookie Autographed RC #165, $1,351

Credit: Get Card Base

In order for the Optic #165 to garner real value compared to other cards, it needs to have an autograph from Derrick Henry on the card. Without the autograph, the value of this card tends to drop quite a bit. It is a nice card though, with a darker background to make Henry pop off the card as he carries another ball to victory. The blue accents on the sides complement Henry’s jersey, and make this a sharp card to add to your collection.

1. Prizm RC #298, $1,200-$2,000

Credit: Amazon

The most valuable Derrick Henry rookie card is the Panini Prizm #298, selling at its highest near $3,000. Most sales for this card though stay around $2,000, and it makes sense due to Henry’s amazing power on the field to drive through defenders like they are not even there. This card features a white and black background with Henry in the middle, clutching the ball in his hand. It is a sharp card and could be a crowing jewel to your Derrick Henry collection.

Most Popular Derrick Henry Rookie Cards

Check out our top five choices for the most popular Derrick Henry rookie cards:

5. Score Jumbo Gold Zone Base #345, $104

Credit: eBay

Originally playing football for The University of Alabama before getting chosen for the Tennessee Titans, Henry is displayed on this card in his ‘Bama uniform. The action shot is great, but my favorite part of this card is the gold detailing around the edge, really offsetting the photo of Henry in the middle. Depending on what condition this card is in will change the price, but it will stay around $100.

4. Panini Select Silver Prizm Base #275, $130

Credit: eBay

If you like cards that have detailed unique backgrounds you might want to check out the Panini Select Silver Prizm #275. Derrick Henry’s gloves perfectly match the sunset color background that shines when you move the card around. I enjoy this card not only because the colors complement each other, but the whole card itself looks very professional.

3. Panini Prizm Light Blue Prizm Base #298, $165

Credit: eBay

You’ll realize as we continue on this list that there will be several prizm base cards, and that is because the changing color palette behind the player is such a cool detail to have in a collectible rookie card, especially a player like Derrick Henry. Elite players like him deserve to have sharp and unique rookie cards that his fans can collect and display in their homes. This particular Panini Prizm has light blue detailing and of course Henry with the ball in his hands.

2. Panini Select Silver Prizm Base #167, $230

Credit: eBay

Next up on our list of Derrick Henry rookie cards is the Panini Select Silver Prizm Base #167. Its value hovers around a couple hundred dollars, so if you really wanted this card you might need to save that birthday money. My favorite part of this card is how the image of Henry has been framed in a unique gold shape that branches out into a silver color, because it creates a nice contrast between image and detailing.

1. Panini Day Cracked Ice Base #89, $340

Credit: eBay

Though this is not one of my favorite card designs, the Panini Day Cracked Ice #89 card is still quite interesting. Worth the most money in our popular Derrick Henry rookie cards category, each triangle has a reflective coating to give a rainbow effect around the player. The photo itself is not terrible either, just a little lost amongst the rest of the design.

Cheapest Derrick Henry Rookie Cards

Keep reading to see our top four selections for the cheapest Derrick Henry cards to add to your budding collection:

4. Panini Prestige #218, $7

Credit: eBay

Throwing it back to the Alabama days again is the Panini Prestige #218 rookie card. I enjoy these cards a lot because they show where the player used to be and where they now are, with the placard below naming him part of the Tennessee Titans. When I think of a classic rookie card, this is what I would think of. Luckily, this card is quite cheap, so you shouldn’t have any problem adding this card to your collection.

3. Panini Rookies & Stars #196, $10

Credit: eBay

I enjoy this card not only because it is affordable, but the significance that Henry was printed on a “rookies & stars” card and he has become one of the biggest stars in the NFL today. Not many running backs have the power or skill that he does, and he dominates the field in nearly every game he plays. I like how the photo is cropped to highlight the background colors, and the simple way of displaying his name, team, and position on the bottom of the card.

2. Donruss Optic Purple Base #165, $25

Credit: eBay

My favorite part of the Donruss Optic Purple Base #165 is the background — a holographic city. It makes the picture of Henry stand out and just makes for a great conversation card. Since this is part of our most affordable card selections, you can start your collection with this collectible and not break the bank while doing so.

1. Panini Select #22, $88

Credit: eBay

Our highest-priced Derrick Henry rookie card in our affordable list is still under $100, which is great for first-time collectors. This card features Henry probably during breast cancer awareness month with his pink gloves and cleats, all on top of a dark background. I’m personally not a huge fan of the background, because the uniform color is so close to the black it almost blends in. I do think it is a great card to start your collection with though, as it is cheaper.

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Most Popular Football Card Packs Including Derrick Henry Cards

Check out the top two most popular card packs that include Derrick Henry’s rookie cards:

2. 2016 Panini Crown Royale #94, $35

Credit: eBay

Part of the Panini Crown Royale Pack is the #94 card, featuring Derrick Henry on a navy blue and white filigree background, which I absolutely love. Some of these packs will not guarantee Henry’s card being in it since there are 100 total cards in the pack, but he was one of the few rookie cards that did make it into the pack. Depending on the condition of this card will fluctuate how much you might have to pay to acquire this card.

1. 2016 Panini Spectra #157, $75

Credit: eBay

Last but not least on our Derrick Henry rookie card roundup is the Panini Spectra #157 card, one of Panini’s more premium sets, meaning it’ll be harder to find and at a higher price than his other cards. It is worth it though for the holographic detailing not only in the background of the card but on Henry himself. If you want a card to impress your football friends with, try finding one of these on the market.

Derrick Henry Football Trading Card Variations

The biggest variations come down to three things — brand, photo, and background. Most football cards have one of three different brands on them; Panini, Donruss, or Score. The most prominent brand is Panini, as we have over ten of them on this list alone.

For the photo variations, Henry could be either in Alabama or Titans gear, and the position of Henry could be different. Most of the photos though highlight Henry running, carrying the football in one arm.

Background differences are the biggest across all of the cards, because you can have the same picture and number for a card, but it could have a different base color. Some might be light blue, others black, maybe some purple, and even holographic. If you have a preference for a background, I suggest you look into that first before diving into what specific card you want.

Should You Buy Derrick Henry Rookie Card Autographs?

If you are a big Derrick Henry fan, then go right ahead and get an autographed card. They are usually higher priced, but the value is higher too because of the autograph. It is not a must though to get the card signed, since there are several rare and unique cards on the market that fetch a higher price than those cards with autographs on them. For this, you will have to go on personal preference.

Derrick Henry Rookie Cards Investment Potential

Over the years Derrick Henry has become one of the biggest stars in the NFL, and he will only continue to get better as his career moves into the future. There is definitely potential in buying Derrick Henry rookie cards now, because after his career is over there will be no more cards made. This is especially true of his rookie cards, so it could be worthwhile to invest now while the cards are a little cheaper.

Derrick Henry is a phenomenal player for the Titans, and even though I root for the Miami Dolphins, I really respect his game and ability on the field. He is one of the best running backs in the NFL, and only pushes the boundaries more each season he plays. Make sure to get one of Derrick Henry’s rookie cards if you’re a fan, and show off your new collection to your football friends.

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