Mini chainsaws are ideal for light lumberjacking tasks such as pruning branches and cutting small logs:

Their rugged design and powerful motors cram a lot of cutting power into a small package while also providing a level of durability that users typically do not find in other power saws.

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Luckily, there is a wide selection available, and the best mini chainsaws available are below:

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Best Mini Chainsaws

Ryobi One+ 8″ Pruning Chainsaw, $139

Big Brand, Great performance

Battery Powered, Lightweight Mini Chainsaw Perfect For Pruning And Small Timber Jobs.

Good portable chainsaws might be difficult to come by or can be prohibitively expensive. That is not to say that you must stalk your trees with a gas-powered horror-movie weapon:

The Ryobi 8″ Pruning Chainsaw resembles a standard two-handed chainsaw, but it is significantly lighter, weighing only 6 pounds.

The Ryobi is a tool that has been created with safety in mind. When working with such lightweight instruments, mishaps can occur without your knowledge. This Ryobi features a guard at the bar and chain’s tip to prevent bouncebacks if you strike something hard.

The Ryobi 18V One+ 8″ Pruning Chainsaw is available on for $139.

Best Mini Chainsaws

Sun Joe Pole Chain Saw, $79

Reach the top with this top tool

This Versatile Combo Pole With Chain Saw Attachment Extends Up To 8.6-Feet And Can Cut Branches 7.5-Inches Thick.

Anyone with an overhead landscape that requires trimming should select this Sun Joe model, as it comes equipped with a telescopic pole attachment.

This multifunctional saw allows you to lop off branches up to 15 feet in the air and then use it as a standard chainsaw to cut up your logs.

Together, the pole and saw weigh just 8.4 pounds, which reduces arm strain during cutting and makes it not just easier to manage but also safer than larger ones.

Its 8-inch cutting bar is capable of slicing through logs up to 7.5 inches in diameter.

The Sun Joe Convertible Pole Chainsaw is available on for $79.

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Best Mini Chainsaws

WORX WG320 JawSaw, $169

The Safest mini chainsaw around

Light, Safe, And Perfect For Overhead Use. This Mini Chainsaw Can Cut 4-Inch Branches With Ease.

This model is ideal for users uncomfortable handling a traditional chainsaw but who require the cutting power required to rip through branches and small logs up to 4 inches in diameter.

Its long neck enables you to maintain a safe distance while controlling the blade, and the saw’s mouth surrounds the blade as it works.

The blade completely retracts into the housing when not in use, making it an extremely safe option. It is perfect for use while lopping off tree branches from above due to its lightweight.

The WORX WG320 JawSaw is available on for $169.

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Best Mini Chainsaws

4-Inch Cordless Mini Chainsaw, $37

excellent price, top performance

Small Handheld Electric Saw For Wood Cutting, Tree Pruning, And Gardening, For The Household Cutting Costs.

This mini 4-inch cordless electric chainsaw is a highly rated tool that has captured the attention of chainsaw users everywhere. This tool may appear like a cute toy, but it works as hard as anything.

This professional electric chainsaw features a high-performance engine, heat dissipation design, and cordless bonding to provide you with increased efficiency and load capacity.

The mini chainsaw demonstrates a highly dynamic system of technology that ensures a smooth flow of operation. It can cut branches up to 15 cm in length in less than 10 seconds.

It uses a high-grade pure copper motor to optimize cutting speed and efficiency. This tool is only 33cm in length and weighs 0.7kg – no more tired arms.

This highly rated 4-inch mini chainsaw is available on for $37.

Best Mini Chainsaws

Remington 14-Inch Chainsaw, $50

Lightweight, Powerful, And Electric

This Chainsaw Is Ready To Go Right Out Of The Box, With A Quiet Environment-Friendly Design Perfect For Modern Life.

For light-duty tree cutting, you’ll need a small chainsaw that’s tough, lightweight, and durable enough to be used for an extended period. The Remington RM1425 is an electric chainsaw worth considering.

Its primary working elements, the chainsaw, and bar, are 14 inches in length and feature a low kickback if the chainsaw becomes stuck in a branch. To prevent the chain from overheating, it features a push button that you can use to squirt the lubricating oil regularly.

This small chainsaw has all of the advantages of an electric chainsaw, including its lightweight and compact size. With an electric motor, weight is significantly reduced, allowing you to trim for an extended period without feeling fatigued.

If you’re looking for a small chainsaw with enough power to tackle small tasks around your yard, this is the chainsaw for you. It is compact, lightweight, and extremely affordable.

The Remington RM1425 Limb N is available on for $50.

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