The Best Fitbit Watch For Men: From $79 To $300

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When it comes to fitness bands and watches there’s a mind-blowing selection:

And one of the top brands is Fitbit, but what is the best Fitbit watch for men?

We take a look through their line-up:

7. Fitbit Inspire 2, $79

For the man who wants a Fitbit watch on a budget:

The Fitbit Inspire 2 is the ideal fitness wearable for beginners and is an upgrade on the Flex 2, Zip, and Alta models.

The unique feature of this fitness tracker is that you can also put it inside its clip-on case and attach it to your belt or pants:

The Inspire 2 also tracks your sleeping pattern, all-day activity, and you can even wear it while swimming. It goes for five days on one charge and is priced at $79.

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6. Fitbit Inspire HR, $99

If you need a heart rate monitor on your fitness wearable then at $99 the Fitbit Inspire HR is the best choice.

The HR in Fitbit Inspire HR actually stands for heart rate. And this smartwatch will continuously monitor your heart rate, which is helpful for people who have any type of heart-related problems.

The device also supports all-day activity and tracks the number of calories burned. The watch is waterproof, and a single charge of the watch will give you up to five days of usage.

The Fitbit Inspire HR is the best Fitbit watch for men on a budget.

5. Fitbit Luxe, $150

If you want to combine fashion with fitness, the Fitbit Luxe is a top choice:

Priced at $150, the Fitbit Luxe has a modern and stylish design that comes with super-accurate monitoring of your heart. The vivid AMOLED display of the smartwatch makes it a stylish addition to your fitness wear. The watch is waterproof and includes all-day tracking:

The watch has a battery life of up to seven days, and it is compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones.

However, there is no built-in GPS feature on the watch.

The Fitbit Luxe is one of the sleekest fitness trackers developed by the company to date.

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4. Fitbit Versa 2, $179

Even though the Versa 3 has replaced the Versa 2, the Fitbit Versa 2 remains one of the most versatile Fitbit devices available.

Not only can you get notifications right to your wrist, but you can also use the Amazon Alexa feature of the watch and get access to a wide variety of third-party apps.

It includes a heart rate tracker, exercise monitoring, and five-day battery life, which make this watch an attractive option.

However, the smartwatch does not have a built-in GPS.

The Fitbit Versa 2 is priced at $179 on

3. Fitbit Ionic, $199

Even though the Fitbit Ionic is a couple of years old, it is still a powerhouse in the Fitbit lineup:

The smartwatch comes with onboard GPS, Fitbit’s Dynamic Personal Coaching, a heart rate monitor, and you can also download all your favorite third-party apps directly onto the watch.

Priced at $199 on, the Fitbit Ionic has a bright display and a wide variety of fitness options to choose from. It can track activities like running, walking, swimming, weight lifting, and many others.

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2. Fitbit Versa 3, $230

Priced at $230, the Fitbit Versa 3 is a premium smartwatch wearable from the company:

With an all-day activity tracking feature, the smartwatch is waterproof and comes with a heart rate tracker, in-built GPS technology, and a battery life of up to six days.

It is lightweight and comfortable in design and has a great-looking, modern display. You can customize the types of notifications you want to receive from your smartphone, control your music, keep track of your blood oxygen saturation (SpO2), make contactless payments through Fitbit Pay, keep track of your sleep cycle, and also practice guided breathing exercises to calm down and rejuvenate.

1. Fitbit Sense, $300

Priced at a whopping $300 on, the Fitbit Sense is a stylish smartwatch that is the most advanced fitness tracker from Fitbit to date:

It comes with an ECG sensor that detects any sign of atrial fibrillation, built-in GPS, and a new feature that manages your mental well-being. Perfect if you want to monitor your stress and mood patterns along with fitness.

The new stress monitoring technology in this smartwatch detects any changes in the conductivity of your skin to determine how much stress you are under.

The wearable includes a huge range of activity tracking, and you can also configure the watch to your favorite workouts. It has a battery life of up to six days.

The Fitbit Sense is the best Fitbit watch for men – that’s if they want all the features available.

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