5 Best AEW Action Figures For Collectors (And Fans)

AEW Action Figures
Credit: Jazwares and All Elite Wrestling

I was a WWF fan in the 80s, and I’ve always had a soft spot for wrestling action figures. So, aside from being old, I’m always intrigued by new figures and in 2020, All Elite Wrestling started to pump out the Unrivaled Collection.

When that second series hit Walmart in 2020, I was outside, lining up at 6:30 am like the nerdy toy collector I am. And on that day I picked up Pentagon Jr., Dustin Rhodes, and a few more (I don’t buy all figures, just the ones that’ll go nice in my displays).

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So here we are, more than 2 years on, and the big question is, which are the best AEW action figures to pick up if starting a collection, my top picks are:

5. Orange Cassidy, #21, Dynamite 06.24.2020

Accessories: Removable Jacket and Shirt, Sunglasses, 3x Interchangeable Hands

4. Luchasaurus, #41, Double or Nothing 05.25.2019

Accessories: 2x Interchangeable Hands

3. Unrivaled Series 4 Kenny Omega, #28, All Out 08.31.2019

Accessories: Removable Vest, 2x Interchangeable Hands

2. Champion Cody, #27, Double or Nothing 05.23.20

Accessories: Removable Shirt, AEW TNT Championship, Weight Belt, 2x Interchangeable Hands, 2x Interchangeable Heads

1. Unmatched 1 Darby Allin, #02, Full Gear 11.07.2020

Accessories: TNT Championship, Jacket, Skateboard

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Who’s in the Series 1 lineup?

In the first season of figures, Cody, Brandi Rhodes, Nick Jackson, Matt Jackson, Kenny Omega, and Chris Jericho are the stars.

They’re all dressed up for the 2019 Double or Nothing pay-per-view event. Cody is wearing a weight belt and wielding a sledgehammer. The Young Bucks are dressed in Elvis-inspired attire, Omega is wearing a ring jacket with interchangeable hands, and Jericho is wearing a hat, scarf, ring jacket, and an extra pair of hands.

Chris Jericho (with an AEW title belt and Inner Circle shirt) and Cody (in a Star Trek-inspired shirt) are also available in limited edition “chase” versions.

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Where can I look for them?

Ringside Collectibles, Walmart stores (the exclusive retail carrier), eBay, and similar sites are excellent places to find newer figures. The figures are currently on backorder at Ringside Collectibles and are very difficult to find at Walmart shops.

How much do they set you back?

Walmart sells figures for $19.87 each. However, if you get them from Ringside Collectibles, expect to pay a premium.

Are AEW action figures the same size as WWE vintage figures?

They are, in fact, on the same scale. This means, you can finally see Kenny Omega vs. Baron Corbin in the ring, as you’ve always wanted.

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Wicked Cool Toys performed an excellent job. The likenesses are spot on, and there are over 20 points of articulation for excellent posing in display cases. Not to mention, the accessories that come with each figure are fantastic.

If you prefer to display the figures in their packaging, that too looks great. The packaging is reminiscent of the Jakks WWE Classic Superstars figures from the past.

Are you on the lookout for Unrivaled AEW figures? Which one is your personal favorite? Would you get up at 6:30 am for action figures? Let us know on Facebook.