Bang And Olufsen Stage Soundbar Review: Stylish, Powerful, Expensive

Bang & Olufsen Stage
Credit: Bang & Olufsen / Amazon

B&O (Bang & Olufsen) have a reputation for making high-end audio equipment, but their products are worth it in terms of sound quality. And, today, it’s the Bang and Olufsen Stage Dolby Atmos we’re getting hands-on and reviewing.

To begin with, it’s easily one of the best-looking soundbars available. Its simple, sleek, and minimalist design make it blend seamlessly into the living space without being an eyesore:

But is it worth the $1,999 price? Let’s find out!

Bang And Olufsen Stage Soundbar Review
Credit: Bang & Olufsen / Amazon

Features Include:

  • 24-bit TrueHD format
  • Multiroom support
  • Bright, rich sound signature
  • Attractive design
  • Supports Dolby Atmos

Bang And Olufsen Stage Performance

  • The B&O Stage finds a phenomenal balance of both detail and clarity. Whether it’s action flicks or your favorite playlists, you’ll hear everything from the vibrancy of the basslines to the subtlety of the song’s melody. Also, it’s an incredible way to enjoy all your music – old and new.
  • As you know, soundbars generally have trouble delivering deep and strong bass, which is why many of them ship with a wireless subwoofer. Now here’s the thing about this soundbar, it has four 4-inch woofers independently powered by dedicated amps – yes, four! And to that, each one of them gets paired up on opposite sides of the unit, which means that you get oodles and oodles of hearty bass – no sub needed.
  • The soundbar is Dolby TrueHD-compatible and can play lossless 24-bit audio. It has cinema modes for surround sound effects, including large and small sound zones.
  • The Stage soundbar has a 3-channel speaker, Dolby Atmos, and 5.1 surround sound with virtualization capabilities. Virtualization creates the sensation that there are extra speakers in the room when in reality, there aren’t. This is done through sophisticated psychoacoustic techniques. It means that your brain can be manipulated into thinking that you’re hearing real surround sound, even though it’s fake.

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Stereo Frequency

  • The B&O Stage’s stereo frequency response is fantastic as long as you set it up correctly.
  • When you set up this soundbar using the app, you have to confirm the bar’s orientation to ensure that it works optimally.
  • Like other soundbars, there is a difference in audio quality depending on whether it is set flush on a table or mounted properly on the wall.
  • The best option is always to have the soundbar facing you. The difference is often negligible, but at $1,999 you want to maximize every ounce of sound.

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  • The device has HDMI connections, Ethernet ports, and a 3.5 mm AV connector.
  • The device also connects to Bluetooth 4.2, AirPlay 2, Google Chromecast, Beolink Multi-Room Streaming, and Apple TV.

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Build Quality

  • The Bang & Olufsen Stage is a lovely piece of tech, and we especially love its minimalist look. Similarly, it is much larger than what we expected (44-inches long by 7-inches wide, 3-inches deep).
  • This soundbar has a solid construction and oozes high-end build quality in both its design and materials.
  • While the bar has a plastic base, its top surface is covered with thick aluminum for protection. The speakers are encased with ample padding for additional safety measures.

Is It Worth Checking Out?

The Bang & Olufsen Stage has a lot to offer, but at $1,999 our ears couldn’t pick out enough difference compared to $800-$1,500 price-range soundbars (the Bose 700 and Samsung HW-Q950A for example).


  • Graphic EQ and presets
  • Plenty of features
  • Supports Dolby Atmos
  • Looks great
  • Sounds amazing


  • The remote is bizarrely sold separately
  • A massive price tag

What we can say is that it is the best-looking soundbar on the market. It looks fantastic and feels high-end, but to us, that doesn’t warrant the price tag.

If you are looking for style at high-end prices, the Bang & Olufsen Stage soundbar is for you. However, if you are looking for high-end sound and aesthetics aren’t a priority, you can definitely find better value for money.

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