5 AI Predictions for 2021: From Drones To Hybrid Workforces

AI Predictions 2021
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AI PREDICTIONS: Artificial Intelligence is already causing widespread disruption in almost every industry:

And one of the biggest disrupters comes in the form of self-teaching algorithms. A feature of AI that will play a big role in shaping the future.

Especially as AI is already rebuilding the world post-COVID:

The Emergence Of A Hybrid Workforce

AI Predictions for 2021
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In the post-COVID era, modern workplaces are expected to shift to a hybrid workforce where the human workforce will collaborate with automated bots.

The use of Alexa, Siri, and other digital assistants is just a beginning and is expected to enter a new phase in 2021:

By the end of the year, collaborative interactions between AI and humans might even occur without people realizing it (if you already use chatbots on websites, you’re already interacting).

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Smarter Big Data Analytics And Insights

AI Predictions for 2021
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During the pandemic, governments, research centers, and less tech-savvy businesses have realized the value of quick interpretation and analysis of data:

Not to mention the fact AI has helped massively in the fight against COVID-19.

In the year 2021, AI will be added to the list of technological advancements that will enable mankind to more effectively deal with uncertain situations through the collection, integration, and interpretation of data.

An enormous amount of scientific and medical literature has emerged during the pandemic which will increase the use of big data analytics in medical fields, potentially enabling more accurate diagnosis and treatment of illnesses.

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Businessess Will Use Predating Behavioral Transformation

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COVID-19 has hugely impacted the way we shop, live, socialize, and work, and this impact will last even when the pandemic is over.

There has been a clear shift towards digital improvement in many aspects of society. Sales of the digital markets boomed amid the pandemic and more and more businesses are moving solely online:

AI tools and platforms are already helping businesses to understand the way their customers are adapting to the new reality. In 2021, businesses will move forward with these concepts, and as such, behavioral analytics and personalization will change the business world forever.

Automated Detection And Prevention

AI Predictions for 2021
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Many countries are already using technologies such as drones to monitor traffic flows and hostile environments.

In 2021, more advanced technologies are expected that will be using AI for detection and observation this includes drones that will detect COVID-19 symptoms such as the high temperature of individuals in the crowd.

These technologies will collect information and inform local authorities along with suggestions. Not to mention, facial recognition technology is also expected to take a new leap in 2021.

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Prediction Of Future Pandemics Before They Start

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Most AI algorithms are general when it comes to predictions, the current situation has called for systems that could accurately predict the future spread of any pandemic.

With climate change, many experts believe that there are many more pandemics waiting for us in the future and therefore work is in progress for an AI system that will predict the outbreak of not only the next pandemic but any similar situation in the future.

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