26 Times Jean-Ralphio & Mona-Lisa Were HILAAAAARIOUS

Upon rewatching ‘Parks and Rec’ for the millionth time, the Nerdable team was reminded of two of the very best characters ever to grace our televisions: Jean-Ralphio and Mona-Lisa Saperstein! While they may not get as much screen-time as the Leslie Knopes or Ron Swansons of the world, they’ve got plenty of hilariously memorable moments throughout the series.

Here are 26 times Jean-Ralphio and Mona-Lisa were absolutely hilarious:

1. When they faked Jean-Ralphio’s death so they could steal insurance money and start up a casino

They were way, way, way, way too suspicious.

2. When they were involved in all of Tom Haverford’s failed business ventures

R.I.P. Entertainment 720, Snakehole Lounge and Rent-A-Swag. When it came to interesting business ideas, Tom was the brains, Jean-Ralphio the investor, and Mona-Lisa the terrible employee threatening to start a fire in the bathroom.

3. When they sang their words

This was a thing. Often.

4. When they made money in questionable ways

They were flushed with caaaaash because Mona-Lisa made bank off her father and Jean-Ralphio did what any good businessman would do: he got run over by a Lexus.

5. When Jean-Ralphio created his own vocabulary

Only J.R. can make this snizz sound de-loy-cious.

6. When Mona-Lisa insulted everyone around her

What the effing eff, jagweeds?

7. When Mona-Lisa was a serious pyromaniac

Not only do her threats seem to involve setting things aflame, but she actually set her dad’s car on fire because she was bored… NBD.

8. When Jean-Ralphio violated house arrest

Despite being the first person to ever need two ankle bracelets…

9. When Jean-Ralphio was technically homeless due to a very vague and unnerving chain of events

Clubs. Girls. Dancing. Naked. Mom? Argument. Police. Fleeing the scene. Hiding in a dumpster. Coming here. Crashing on your couch for a week cuz:

10. When Mona-Lisa had a thing with Tom and it was terrifying

Oh dayayummm, he was more than her b-b-b-boss man.

11. When Jean-Ralphio couldn’t rap to save his life

He tried to impress but he was not a success(ful).

12. When Jean-Ralphio threw an End of the World party with Tom at Entertainment 720

After a lizard-worshipping cult predicts the end times, Pawnee panics. Except for Jean-Ralphio and Tom who throw the most epic End of the World party known to mankind.

13. When Mona-Lisa couldn’t control her temper (literally ever)

She might actually be the worst but we somehow still feel she’s our spirit animal.

14. When Jean-Ralphio tried to hit on Leslie Knope

K-N-O-P-E, she’s the dopest little shortie in all Pawnee, Indiana.

15. And when he also tried to hit on everyone else

We mean everyone.

16. In fact, he’s opened minded as heeeeeeell!

Ann Perkins may not have been feeling it, but we appreciate Jean-Ralphio’s crush on Chris Traeger.

17. When Ben was very scared of them both

Ben Wyatt’s feelings toward the Saperstein twins are the exact opposite of his feelings toward calzones.

18. When Craig loved them

Between his non-stop aggressive shouting and his flare for the dramatics, it’s no wonder Craig Middlebrooks found the twins to be kindred spirits.

19. When Ron Swanson loathed them

Despite Jean-Ralphio thinking that “Swanson’s got swagger the size of big ben clock.”

20. When Jean-Ralphio was truly inspirational

We don’t recommend that you follow his advice but we are still inspired.

21. When both siblings had some serious dance moves

Unless Jerry is hiding some stellar moves (which is always a possibility), it’s safe to say nobody in Pawnee can throw down beats like these two.

22.When Mona-Lisa was every adult’s spirit animal during business hours

If she’s not quitting her new gig, she’s leaving early to go to a Pitbull concert with her shrink.

23. When Jean-Ralphio couldn’t lie (ever)

Whether he’s in crippling debt or popping handfuls of suspicious pills, Jean-Ralphio’s brutal honesty adds to his charm.

24. When they couldn’t stand each other

Probably because they are both the wooooooorst!

25. When they totally had each other’s back

Nothing like a little sibling love from a brother and sister from the same mister.

26. When they harmonized together


Have a favorite Jean-Ralphio or Mona-Lisa moment? Share it with us in the comments below!

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