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best lightsaber scenes star wars, lightsaber battles star wars, lightsaber fights
As Andor blasts onto Disney Plus, its lack of lightsaber battles might create a disturbance in the force. So check out the best lightsaber battles now.
star wars doctor aphra, doctor aphra comic
Is Doctor Aphra one of Star Wars’ best comic characters? We think so, and here’s 10 reasons why you should too.
biggest plot twists movies, best plot twists TV, nerdable
Ah, plot twists. Whether you love or hate them, they’re necessary for moving stories forward, and the best twists are the ones you never see coming.
most valuable star trek memorabilia:
Including V: The Original Miniseries, Alien Nation, and more classic retro Sci-Fi shows.
Best batman comics, best batman stories
Since his inception in 1939, Batman has been shaped and reshaped, and these are the best Batman stories to have come from that evolution.
Upon rewatching ‘Parks and Rec’ for the millionth time, the Nerdable team was reminded of two of the very best
The 24 Most Iconic ‘Parks and Rec’ Guest Stars
From high-profile politicians to comedy legends and popular actors; Here are the 24 Most Iconic ‘Parks and Rec’ Guest Stars that we’ll never forget:
The Office Enamel Pins, The Office lapel pins
We’ve compiled a collection of the best ‘The Office’ enamel pins that will be sure to leave you satisfied and smiling (That’s What She Said!)
A Series of Unfortunate Events netflix
If you’re a fan of all things wonder and whimsy, or if you just like watching a demented man try
Best halloween movies for kids, halloween movies for teens
These Halloween inspired movies offer chills, thrills, and sometimes laughs for kids and adults. (Appropriate age ranges and movie ratings
Everyone knows the internet is run by cats, which probably explains why it can be such a feral place at
best Jim and Pam moments, top moments jim and pam, jim and pam the office
Even the most cynical of cynics can’t say romance is dead after watching “The Office.” The iconic Dunder Mifflin lovebirds