When Did Cabbage Patch Dolls Come Out?

when did cabbage patch dolls comes out
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An extremely popular doll in the late 1900s, the Cabbage Patch doll has continued to stock shelves and entertain kids of all ages. If you’re not sure when did Cabbage Patch dolls come out, or how they became so popular, check out more about these cute dolls here.

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What are Cabbage Patch Dolls?

cabbage patch dolls
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Cabbage Patch Kids are a type of cloth doll with plastic heads, inspired by the Little People dolls sold by Xavier Roberts as collectibles. The brand was transformed into Cabbage Patch Kids when Roger Schlaifer acquired worldwide licensing rights.

The dolls set every toy industry sales record for three consecutive years, becoming one of the most popular dolls during the 1980s, and continue to be a worldwide franchise today. In addition to the prized dolls, there is also apparel, bedding, infants’ wear, record albums, and board games.

When Did Cabbage Patch Dolls Come Out?

Cabbage Patch dolls began in 1976 when art student Xavier Roberts rediscovered “needle molding” (where you inject a liquid into a mold) and combined it with his skills in sculpting and quilting. His first doll, named Dexter, won a first-place ribbon for sculpture at the Osceola Art Show in 1978, and Xavier started to create more dolls, exhibiting them at art and crafts shows in the southeast.

He realizes that people will pay up to $40,000 for his dolls, and the magic begins. In 1981, his “Little People Originals” became a huge success, which is documented by Newsweek, Wall Street Journal, Atlanta Weekly, and many other journals.

Not soon after the dolls were patented as “Cabbage Patch Kids” and in 1983 almost three million dolls had been adopted, but many more kids wanted to get their hands on the dolls. Today, these plush Kids still sit on store shelves, and the older versions have become quite valuable.

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Why are Cabbage Patch Dolls so Popular?

when did cabbage patch dolls comes out
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There were many reasons as to why the dolls were so popular, and some of these are listed below. They were as small as the accessories that came with the doll to as big as the marketing pushing Cabbage Patch dolls into the world:

  • Adoption Papers: Each doll came with adoption papers, a birth certificate, and name tags, making them feel like real babies and creating an emotional connection with children.
  • Unique Features: Each doll had a soft plush body and wide innocent eyes, making them approachable.
  • Marketing: The dolls were sold as “dolls that looked like children” to appeal to consumers.
  • Consumer Frenzy: Marketing led to a shopping frenzy, shortages, stampedes, and violent outbursts from customers trying to get their hands on one of these dolls.

Rare Cabbage Patch Dolls

While all of the Cabbage Patch dolls are beloved, there are a few that have become quite valuable over the years. These are five of the most valuable dolls you can add to your collection:

  • Iddy Budds Ranny
  • Little People Tilly Kay
  • Anne Greta
  • Teresa Ann
  • Hand Signed 1979 Xavier Roberts Little People Twins

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Dolls are one of the most popular toys for children and have been for decades. From Barbies to Bratz and American Girl Dolls, there is a plethora of options for all types of children. But, if your child enjoys baby-themed dolls that come with their own adoption records, then Cabbage Patch dolls are the choice for you. With a frenzy of sales in the 1980s, these dolls continue to fill our homes and soothe our children, showing the importance of Roberts’ creation nearly 50 years ago.

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