Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Review: Best Buds For Android

The Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Truly Wireless are small, lightweight, and capable of producing well-balanced sound via a reliable Bluetooth 5.2 connection.

Furthermore, they have an IPX2 rating which means they can resist sweat and rain, making them suitable for sporting activities like running or biking. They are also durable, as they are made from sturdy matte plastic:

But, are the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 worth $108+?

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Review
Credit: Samsung

Features Include:

  • Fantastic ANC (Active Noise Cancellation)
  • Three microphones that help keep your voice crisp and clear on calls
  • Advanced sensor technology that stops and starts audio based on where the buds are.
  • The Galaxy Buds 2 feature Auto Switch technology that connects to the device you need the most automatically.
  • Supports Bluetooth 5.2, AAC, SBC, and much more.

Advanced Sensor Technology

  • The Galaxy Buds 2 have smart sensors packed into its small body:
  • The sensor enables automatic play/pause when removing the buds from your ears, which is especially convenient when you’re driving or in a rush.
  • It also consists of volume controls, which give you total control over your music experience.
  • Plus, the proximity sensor automatically mutes your music when removing the buds from your ears, so you don’t accidentally disturb those around you.

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  • The Galaxy Buds 2 comes with all the controls you need from earbuds.
  • The controls include a triangle-shaped play/pause button that if you press twice skips forward a track.
  • If you tap the airplane button your current track will restart, and with a double-tap, it skips backward a track.
  • The arrow button will answer your call, and the speech bubble button will activate your digital assistant.

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Battery Life

  • The Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Truly Wireless have an advertised battery life of five hours with noise-canceling on. They get another 10 hours of charging when in their case, for a total of 15 hours on the go.
  • The accessories can also be charged for a full charge in just five minutes, which means users always have enough juice to get through a tough workout.

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Sound Quality

  • The Galaxy Buds 2 provide a balanced and wide-frequency range. This ensures fundamental notes are reproduced accurately, even in the harshest environmental conditions.
  • When out and about, you’ll notice that the mids stand out. This means if you are listening to tracks with strings or heavy vocals, details will be rich and not drowned out by the bass.

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The Galaxy Buds 2 are a perfect example of how smart and versatile earbuds can be. They’re minimalist, lightweight, and come with comfortable cushions that fit securely in the ear without falling out.


  • Small but sturdy
  • Well-balanced sound quality
  • Fast charging


  • Doesn’t support iOS
  • Limited battery life compared to some others on the market

Additionally, because these buds feature an ANC system to muffle ambient noise, their battery isn’t as durable as some other options (around 4-5 hours) so you may need to break up your journeys with a few charges (from the case). Despite this, they are definitely Nerdable Recommended.