5 Must-Have Kitchen Gadgets That Will Make Your Life A Little Easier

Kitchen Gadgets
Credit: StockSnap / pixabay.com

KITCHEN GADGETS: If you love showing off with your seasoning expertise, or the step-by-step accuracy of complex recipe measurements, a cool kitchen gadget might be the perfect way to spoil yourself:

So, whether you are a master chef or someone who just loves tech, if you spend time in the kitchen this top 5 will help keep you making delicious food:

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Temperature Control Mug – $200

Picture the scene:

You’re in the kitchen, currently juggling a 31-step recipe, stuck somewhere between 11 and 20 (as literally, everything has to be done at once).

You reach down to your mug of coffee for an extra burst of whatever secret ingredient resides in those magical beans – but it’s cold and iced coffee has never been your thing.

Already stressed, you reach for the wine rack as you don’t have time to make more coffee, need a boost, and it’s almost kind-of midday (10:33 am).

So, the choice is, become a morning drinker or buy a temperature control mug:

(Okay, that’s over-dramatized, but the temperature-controlled mug really is top tech if you’re big on hot drinks).

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Polygon Flat Measuring Spoon – Kickstarter

Anyone who loves accuracy in their recipes knows that one wrong weight or measurement and the recipe is doomed!

Step forward the Polygon 4-in-1 Flat Measuring Spoon. A kitchen gadget that quickly adjusts itself depending on where you pick it up.

At first glance, it’s a flat piece of paper, but as you pick it up, it transforms like magic.

Offering four different volumes in one simple and easy to store item. It is origami for the kitchen:

(Could this be the future of measuring spoons? We think so).

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Rollie Egg Cooker – $27

The Rollie Egg Cooker, also known as the Egg Master, has completely changed the way we cook our eggs:

(Well, it changed how my daughter cooks eggs).

It looks like a digital coffeemaker but makes omelets, eggs, and frittatas.

Better yet, it is super-simple to use. You just need to add some spray oil, crack open some eggs and wait a few minutes.

(Can also make the egg rolls you may find in Chinese restaurants).

Drop Kitchen Scale – $30

The Drop Kitchen Scale is another gadget that helps with measurements – however, its true power comes through the app:

This kitchen scale connects with your smartphone and allows you to access more than 300 recipes, helping you with ingredient measurement and finding substitutes for items you don’t have in the cupboard.

It can also be connected to other appliances in the kitchen, adding to your smart home connectivity.

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Smart Herb Garden – $110

The Smart Herb Garden allows you to grow and harvest herbs fresh from your kitchen. You can harvest different herbs such as basil, parsley, dill, mint, and thyme.

This cool kitchen gadget has a built-in sensor that automatically turns grow lights on and off while also reminding you when to add water.

With this technology, you can harvest your favorite herbs at home and use them in your recipes to make them more even more delicious (and cut out on buying herbs over and over).

What are your favorite kitchen gadgets? Tell us in the comments.