5 Most Expensive Pianos: Including Bono’s Red Pops And The Bechstein Sphinx

Most Expensive Pianos
Credit: Arto Alanenpää / Wiki Commons

Pianos have existed for hundreds of years, and even before that, we had instruments with piano-like characteristics such as the harpsichord and various stringed instruments.

Over the years, pianos have advanced significantly, and many modern pianos cost massive amounts of money:

However, the most expensive pianos available today can cost well over a million dollars, whether it be for luxury or a one-of-a-kind vintage build. These are the 5 most expensive pianos today:

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5. Fazioli Brunei, $400,000

(Credit: showcasepianos.com)

The Fazioli Brunei is the world’s most costly piano in production at the moment. It features a sequoia burr casing embellishment with mother of pearl blooms and semi-precious stones covering a variety of hues. To pick up a Fazioli Brunei you would need a whopping $400,000.

4. La Mort du Cygne, Erard, $409,000

(Credit: IZI Travel)

The highly detailed mahogany wood is enough to instantly state that this piano has value:

The entire external layer of the wood is covered with a fruitwood facade trim, which lends the item its splendor and character.

It was designed with a striking palette of rich earthy hues and tans in mind and is one of the most luxurious pianos ever produced. It is worth a massive $409,000.

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3. Bechstein Sphinx, $1.2-Million

This high-octane marvel is a historical duplicate of Bechstein’s first such piano, which he made in 1886 for a London special display.

It is adorned with fire-gilded figurines and incorporates Greek, Egyptian, and Roman elements reminiscent of the Napoleonic Empire.

One might envision this piano in its natural habitat at the Palais Garnier (the famed Parisian Opera of the same style). The symphony of decadent grandeur created by the gleaming gold and the richness of the wood will take your breath away.

C. Bechstein’s 212 concert grand is installed beneath the hood. This is the third most expensive piano available from a legacy manufacturer. It is priced at an amazing $1.2 million.

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2. Galaxy Piano, $1.36-Million

Galaxy Instruments’ one-of-a-kind piano is unquestionably one of the most bizarre instruments ever created:

There were only ever 5 of these pianos made. They were created from fiberglass, gold-plated, and equipped with an automated lid and curved piano keys to truly stand out.

Galaxy Piano’s sales and marketing director, Mark Murphy, stated that the company views them as a “luxury item” rather than a musical instrument.

While the price is set at a huge $1.36 million, it could increase if one of these pianos is put up for auction again:

Additionally, the Galaxy Piano features an auto-play function that can be accessed via an iPad.

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1. Red Pops, $1.925-Million

The Red Pops is a Steinway & Sons parlor grand piano commissioned by Bono, U2’s lead vocalist, that was auctioned off at a New York charity auction:

The auction, held in support of RED by The Global Fund, raised more than $26 million for the cause of AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis in Africa.

Stewart Rahr purchased this piano for $1.925 million.

Final Thoughts

Pianos are one of the most incredible and well-known instruments on the planet. They can be integrated into any style of music. And countless pianists have been lauded as the best musicians of their generation throughout music history. These facts make pianos popular, expensive, and collectible.